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Friday, December 04, 2009

and still waiting....

No Hadlea! Next Friday is my official due date, but I cannot even put into words how ready I am for her to arrive! :) I am sure everyone feels this way at 39 weeks, which probably starts about a month before! She is moving like crazy...what used to be kicks are now jabs as I am sure she is completely out of room. This week off of work has gone SO fast! I have been to Wal-Mart and the mall a dozen times as I am not one to nap or sit and watch TV. I am constantly trying to find things to entertain myself...which Berkley always helps do!! I did take a nap with B one afternoon...he is such a sweet little guy. He completely melts my heart!

My house is COMPLETELY spotless and I cannot think of one more thing that needs to be cleaned. We have our bags packed, car seat installed and are just waiting! Since it has been so cold in Oklahoma the last few days, we have spent many nights watching TV in front of the fire. Berkley LOVES that we have been staying home so much and will not leave either of our laps. He goes back and forth and brings us a new toy every time he changes laps.

Justin said we HAVE to get out of the house tonight so we plan to go walk around the mall and check out some Christmas deals. We are not buying for each other this year so I guess we are open to get anything we want/need....but I am pretty sure there is only ONE thing we both want at this point! :)

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