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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Riley & Hannah at the house...

We had Riley and Hannah last weekend. I wanted to get them one last weekend before Hadlea arrived. They are always so never know what they are going to say or do! We talked ALOT about Hadlea, and Hannah is so ready for her to arrive. She would go into the nursery and look around and ask a TON of questions about all of the baby stuff. She said she cannot wait to feed her and change her wet diapers, but she is NOT touching a dirty diaper! :)

Friday night we went out to east with some friends. Saturday for lunch we picked up happy meals and headed to the park to play. They are both not scared to try a thing! I cannot take my eyes off of Hannah!

Saturday evening we ordered pizza. Hannah and I made cookies and she couldn't wait to lick the beater. She reminded me constantly that we could NOT double-dip into the dough!

Before bed on Saturday night the kids wanted to watch a movie so we made a bed in the office and put on Shrek. Justin and I were finishing up a football game when Riley came running in...he had pulled one of his loose teeth! We cleaned up the tooth and put it in a baggy for him to put under his pillow. We quizzed him about the tooth fairy and wanted to know how much she usually left. He told us that he got $9.25 for his last tooth. Now...I don't know about you all, but I think I may have received $.75 to a $1.00 when I lost a tooth. Justin and I COULD NOT stop laughing about him getting $9+ for a tooth!

The tooth fairy ended up leaving $10.00 for his tooth! He was SO excited! (However, we did find out later that the tooth fairy normally only leaves $, I think someone was trying to make some extra money! :)

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