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Friday, November 20, 2009

by far...the cutest kids, EVER!

I am pretty sure that everyone out there is partial to their kids, nieces, nephews, dogs, etc. I, however, am no different! Here are my nieces and nephew: Riley, Hannah and Mackenzy! These are Justin's sister's kids. Justin and I were only dating when Riley was born, but I was able to be in the delivery room when he arrived. Riley and I have always been VERY close and he has stayed nights with us since he was very young. When Mackenzy and Hannah came along, I always wondered if I would have the same relationship with them as I do Riley...and I do! They are the funniest kids and have the greatest personalities. I love them more than they will EVER know. When Justin and I started trying to get pregnant, I wanted to see them every single day. There were days when I thought we would NEVER get pregnant and the kids just made me smile and laugh. I think most kids would do the opposite for people. But not for me, they just brightened my day each time I get to be with them. I hope we continue to have the relationship we have now throughout our lifetimes. I often wonder how Hadlea will fit into the mix. Hannah asks when my baby is going to get out of my belly EVERYTIME I talk to her...she cannot wait to hold and feed her...and I CANNOT wait for them to be a part of Hadlea's life.  
My SIL wanted a few pictures for Christmas cards and we planned to go to the park, but it started raining, so we just took a few in my house since they were all dressed up. They were so cute...and completely melted my heart!

Riley, Hannah and Mackenzy

And the Christmas card I made...


Erin said...

They are adorable but I just love the one with the long brown curly hair! She is so stinking cute!!!

Great work! Sorry it had to rain, weather can put a damper on anything. I am also a photographer,have a post on my blog about asking questions, check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

Keep up the good work!

Deana said...

I also love these cute little kids. the pictures are great.

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