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Monday, November 09, 2009

baby update and shootin' guns...

I'm back! :) Everything here is going great and moving right along! I have had a couple emails asking if I was okay since I haven't posted in a while, but all is great! Hadlea is still growing and moving like crazy! The last couple of weeks have been SO busy as we finish up the last few things before she arrives! We had our 3rd baby shower this weekend and I will be posting about that later this week. Again, everyone was so good to us! Now, if only I could snap my fingers and my house be twice the size! :)  
This week is going to be VERY busy as I have a breastfeeding basics class on Wednesday, pre-admission registration at the hospital on Friday and then we have our childbirth class on Saturday! (SIDE NOTE: I just had to add this story in as a husband is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met. He constantly keeps me laughing. I had told him last week about the breastfeeding class and told him he didn't have to go. However, when I called to register, they asked the name of the adult that would be attending with me, so I gave them his name. I called to tell him today that he had to go with me and his exact words were, "I think they wanted a female!" I laughed, but reminded him that no other female would be here when we came home from the hospital and maybe he would help me remember some things...his next response, "I am REALLY sure they wanted you to bring a female"...anyway, he promised he would go and if no other males were there, he could leave, I would attend alone. I really thought this would be something I would do alone as I KNEW he would not want to attend, but it has made for a good laugh all day! Should be interesting!)
I only have 12 more days of work before I am off for maternity leave. My company pays us to take the two weeks off before our due date and I am jumping at the chance! I am definitely a little more tired each week so it will be nice to get some extra rest before she arrives...however, if she wants to come a couple weeks early, I will definitely not complain! Ha!

So now onto catching up the last couple of weekends....Oct 23, my friend Deanna and her husband Mark came over from Arkansas and we headed to Medford, where I am from. My dad has land and the boys were going hunting. We all took off on Friday so we could have extra time hanging at the farm. We decided Friday afternoon we would go shoot prariedogs. It really is sad to shoot any animal, but these things tear up my dads wheat pasture so it makes me feel a little better! We had a really good time! These were all of the pictures we took from the entire weekend!

Justin shooting targets, Deanna watching...

Mark and Deanna

Justin again...

Deanna and one took a picture of me shooting, but imagine a 33 week prego woman holding a gun! I am sure it was a site to see! :)

This is Horny Lorny...our family bull. One day those horns will be on someones wall...I think my dad and brothers are still fighting over them! Ha!


Erin said...

Glad you are doing well and that the baby is growing and moving. I am right there with you on the tired part. I can barley keep my eyes open. Can't believe she will be here so soon. Also can't wait to hear stories about the breastfeeding class.

Bonnie said...

That is so nice your company pays for the 2 weeks prior to your maternity leave. I go on maternity leave December 18th & I can't wait, but my company doesn't pay squat! I'm going to be induced by January 5th, if he hasn't come by then.
Praying for you!

Bonnie :)

Emily said...

That's so funny -- my husband was the same exact way about the breastfeeding class! He wanted to be a good support person, but was really afraid of being the only man at the class. As it turned out, everyone came as couples! Hope it goes well for you -- I found mine very informative.

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