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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Shower #4 @ Work and Class Update

Not only do Justin and I have amazing friends and family, but I have an unbelievable work family! I first started working for EDS(Electronic Data Systems) in September of 2002 as an intern. After college, I went to work full-time on nights. In August of 2003, I moved to Change Management, which is the department I am in now. So..I have worked with alot of the same people for 6 years. They are all GREAT people, with huge hearts and are ALL very family oriented. We have had several managers come and go over the years, but I would have to say Tom, our current manager, is one of the greatest people you will ever work with. Tom is a very caring manager and always pushes us to remember we have lives outside of work. We were recently bought by HP(Hewlett-Packard) so there have been alot of changes taking place, but Tom has made the transition very easy.
This past Monday they had me a baby shower. Everyone is so good at celebrating birthdays, but they went beyond and above for my baby shower. It was such a good day and was so nice to take an afternoon and just talk BABY! I got ALOT of tips from parents, which most are now grandparents. It was definitely fun to hear their stories! Everyone brought something for lunch, which was Mexican favorite! They know me WAY too well!

Our group...

Gift and cake table

Another GOOD cake!

Gift Time!

Debbie E, Charlene, Brenda, and Shannyn

Debbie E, Loyd and Noma

Alida, Sylvia and Yvonne

Tom, Sylvia, Debbie P and Yvonne

Gifts...Swing and high chair!

Diaper Cake...made by Charlene

Blanket made by Noma, onesies, pants, booties, bibs and Minnie Mouse!

Babies 1st Christmas Ornament and Pink Ceramic Booties
(both you can put her name, birthday, weight and length on)

Class Update!
Justin and I have completed our breastfeeding class, birthing class and pre-admission to the hospital. The breastfeeding class was 3 hours long. I truly believe they could have put everything we learned into 1-2 hours. We learned alot of information, but it was just different than I expected. The birthing class was from 10am-3pm. I also believe this class could have been shortened to about 3 hours. We learned alot, but not what I was expecting. I think the best thing we did last week was the pre-admission into the hospital. The nurse we spoke with gave us an idea of what to expect from the moment we come into the hospital until the time we leave...this was definitely the most informative meeting. She answered alot of my questions and could give information first hand since they are sometimes in the delivery room. And it was the ONLY free class! (well..I guess we will pay for that with our hospital bills! Ha!)

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Bonnie said...

That is so crazy! I was working at EDS in Little Rock, Arkansas when I met my husband. I worked with TEFRA Support. My dad also worked there for almost 20 years & was then laid off when his job was written out of the contract. (I have semi-ill feelings about this b/c my dad is the greatest guy in the world, but life moves on) My sister also worked there in Arkansas Breast Care. It was so nice working with my sister & dad at the time. Now my parents still live in Arkansas, Becky is in Texas & I'm in Nevada. I still talk to a lot of the people I worked with at EDS! I can't believe you've had 4 showers! I'm having my first November 28th - a double baby shower with my sis. I'm flying home this weekend & I can't wait :) Hope you have a good weekend!


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