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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

baby shower #3....

With as many times as I have written about how blessed we are over the last few weeks...I just need to say ditto to all of those posts! We had our 3rd baby shower at my house this past weekend. My friends Shannan and Taran and cousin Stephanie hosted the shower and they did an unbelievable job! Everything was green, black, off white and pink to match the nursery. The hosts were originally going to rent a place for the shower, but I suggested that we have it at my house as most of Justin's family had never been to our house or seen the nursery. It was a great idea! It was so nice not to have to haul everything home after the shower! Plus, I am getting a little lazier as each week passes anyway! Ha! Thanks so much to the hosts of the shower! It was such a great day! And thanks to all that made it or sent gifts. Justin and I are still amazed at the love and support people have shown us!

Hadlea banner...made by Taran (also matched the invitations)

It's A Girl banner...also made by Taran

Food Table!

The cake! (Shannan had this made to match my cute!)

Cookies...again, made my Taran. She is WAY too creative!
(ducks, bottles and crowns)

I didn't get a close up of the napkins, but they had Hadlea Easton Huskey on them.

With the hosts...Shannan, Stephanie, Me, Taran and Trevin

Shannan and I

Taran and I (I think with each pic I look a little more tired. Nice!)

My mom-Grammie, me and My mother-in-law-Nana

Catherine and I...the mother of my goddaughter

And with my sweet goddaughter, Kate

Ladies I work with...Joyce, Gay and Patty

My brother's girlfriend, Amanda...
hopefully sooner rather than later I will be calling her my SIL! :)

Gift Time!

Taran made this frame for everyone to sign at the shower...

Diaper Cake made by Shannan...she even made Hadlea the bows!

Diaper Wreath made by Cheryl...a family-friend of my MIL...very cute idea!

Hadlea's first Christmas ornament. I cannot even explain how special this is.
I NEVER even thought about it! :) Hadlea received this from another family-friend of my MIL. Thanks, Donnna!

Hadlea has received so many handmade blankets from family and friends. This quilt was made by Nita, the mother-in-law of my bestfriend, Shannan. This was such a special gift as Nita has never made a quilt for anyone outside of their family.

On the back it says, "In celebration of the birth of Hadlea Easton Huskey made by Nita Justice 2009"

Justin even showed up at the shower! With his momma...

with Joyce

Shannan and I again

Uncle Justin and wouldn't be the same without a good ol' wrestling match!

with my Goddaughter Kate, niece Hannah and nephew Riley

Kate and Cassidy...Cassidy's mommy will be keeping Hadlea when I return to work.

(bobby pillow, playgym, car seat base, 2 diaper bags, bumbo seat and tray and a launrdy hamper with her name)

Blankets, books and toys

a nice site to a new mommy's eyes! :)

bath, bottles and bibs!

Clothes! (no idea why the picture wouldn't turn)

shoes and box sets

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Erin said...

You are so lucky!! Love all the hand made stuff. That cake looks amazing. I think I need to find myself some more creative friends!

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