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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Riley & Hannah at the house...

We had Riley and Hannah last weekend. I wanted to get them one last weekend before Hadlea arrived. They are always so never know what they are going to say or do! We talked ALOT about Hadlea, and Hannah is so ready for her to arrive. She would go into the nursery and look around and ask a TON of questions about all of the baby stuff. She said she cannot wait to feed her and change her wet diapers, but she is NOT touching a dirty diaper! :)

Friday night we went out to east with some friends. Saturday for lunch we picked up happy meals and headed to the park to play. They are both not scared to try a thing! I cannot take my eyes off of Hannah!

Saturday evening we ordered pizza. Hannah and I made cookies and she couldn't wait to lick the beater. She reminded me constantly that we could NOT double-dip into the dough!

Before bed on Saturday night the kids wanted to watch a movie so we made a bed in the office and put on Shrek. Justin and I were finishing up a football game when Riley came running in...he had pulled one of his loose teeth! We cleaned up the tooth and put it in a baggy for him to put under his pillow. We quizzed him about the tooth fairy and wanted to know how much she usually left. He told us that he got $9.25 for his last tooth. Now...I don't know about you all, but I think I may have received $.75 to a $1.00 when I lost a tooth. Justin and I COULD NOT stop laughing about him getting $9+ for a tooth!

The tooth fairy ended up leaving $10.00 for his tooth! He was SO excited! (However, we did find out later that the tooth fairy normally only leaves $, I think someone was trying to make some extra money! :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have a few other things to blog about, but since today is Thanksgiving, I thought I would post about a few of the things I am most thankful for today!

- I am THANKFUL to be a Christian...I know there were times over the last couple of years that I thought my prayers would never be answered...and I was SO wrong! Jesus knew the perfect timing for the things I was praying for to happen and I will never be more thankful or take it for granted!
- I am THANKFUL for my husband...he is my VERY best friend, and I wonder where I would be today without him. He knows me better than I know myself! At times I get so mad because he is SO laid back and I begin to think he doesn't care about things that are important to me and he ALWAYS proves me wrong!
- I am THANKFUL for my parents and parents are two of the greatest people I know. They have worked their entire lives to ensure my brothers and I got exactly what we wanted, they taught us how to love and respect others, but most of all, they have never judged us for the mistakes we made growing up! My brothers mean more to me than they will ever know. They are two of the most caring people in this world and I would do anything to protect their feelings from others!
- I am THANKFUL for my father-in-law Rusty, mother-in-law Carolyn, SIL, BIL, nieces, nephew, extended family and friends! Justin and I have truly been blessed with amazing family and friends, and we have definitely been shown that over that last few months!
- I am THANKFUL for a special little girl...whom we are DYING to meet! We have prayed for Hadlea for so long and I CANNOT wait to see her for the first time!
- I am THANKFUL for a special little boy...well, a furry little boy! I love Berkley more than I EVER imagined possible. He got me through some of the hardest times of my life and never complained one time! Ha!
- I am THANKFUL for a Dallas Cowboy win on Thanksgiving Day! (Sorry...but so true! :)

I could continue to go on and on about how grateful and thankful I am for the life I live. I know there are SO many out there that are not as fortunate as I am and I try to remember that every day. I am truly blessed....and there will NEVER be enough words to express it!
Now onto our Thanksgiving recap...Justin and I spent Thanksgiving alone. We had such a GREAT day just relaxing. We decided not to travel since I am only 2 weeks before my due date...38 weeks!

We went to lunch at Mimi's Cafe and it might have been the best Thanksgiving meal I have had in a LONG time! I HAD to take a picture because I couldn't believe the amount of food. They also served a soup or salad and a desert, but I had to take the desert to go!

Later in the day, we drove to the lake and walked around. Berkley LOVES to go walk the trails at the lake. He smells EVERYTHING and is so much fun to watch. I cannot wait to add a little girl and a stoller to our walks!

I hope everyone had an equally WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

by far...the cutest kids, EVER!

I am pretty sure that everyone out there is partial to their kids, nieces, nephews, dogs, etc. I, however, am no different! Here are my nieces and nephew: Riley, Hannah and Mackenzy! These are Justin's sister's kids. Justin and I were only dating when Riley was born, but I was able to be in the delivery room when he arrived. Riley and I have always been VERY close and he has stayed nights with us since he was very young. When Mackenzy and Hannah came along, I always wondered if I would have the same relationship with them as I do Riley...and I do! They are the funniest kids and have the greatest personalities. I love them more than they will EVER know. When Justin and I started trying to get pregnant, I wanted to see them every single day. There were days when I thought we would NEVER get pregnant and the kids just made me smile and laugh. I think most kids would do the opposite for people. But not for me, they just brightened my day each time I get to be with them. I hope we continue to have the relationship we have now throughout our lifetimes. I often wonder how Hadlea will fit into the mix. Hannah asks when my baby is going to get out of my belly EVERYTIME I talk to her...she cannot wait to hold and feed her...and I CANNOT wait for them to be a part of Hadlea's life.  
My SIL wanted a few pictures for Christmas cards and we planned to go to the park, but it started raining, so we just took a few in my house since they were all dressed up. They were so cute...and completely melted my heart!

Riley, Hannah and Mackenzy

And the Christmas card I made...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Shower #4 @ Work and Class Update

Not only do Justin and I have amazing friends and family, but I have an unbelievable work family! I first started working for EDS(Electronic Data Systems) in September of 2002 as an intern. After college, I went to work full-time on nights. In August of 2003, I moved to Change Management, which is the department I am in now. So..I have worked with alot of the same people for 6 years. They are all GREAT people, with huge hearts and are ALL very family oriented. We have had several managers come and go over the years, but I would have to say Tom, our current manager, is one of the greatest people you will ever work with. Tom is a very caring manager and always pushes us to remember we have lives outside of work. We were recently bought by HP(Hewlett-Packard) so there have been alot of changes taking place, but Tom has made the transition very easy.
This past Monday they had me a baby shower. Everyone is so good at celebrating birthdays, but they went beyond and above for my baby shower. It was such a good day and was so nice to take an afternoon and just talk BABY! I got ALOT of tips from parents, which most are now grandparents. It was definitely fun to hear their stories! Everyone brought something for lunch, which was Mexican favorite! They know me WAY too well!

Our group...

Gift and cake table

Another GOOD cake!

Gift Time!

Debbie E, Charlene, Brenda, and Shannyn

Debbie E, Loyd and Noma

Alida, Sylvia and Yvonne

Tom, Sylvia, Debbie P and Yvonne

Gifts...Swing and high chair!

Diaper Cake...made by Charlene

Blanket made by Noma, onesies, pants, booties, bibs and Minnie Mouse!

Babies 1st Christmas Ornament and Pink Ceramic Booties
(both you can put her name, birthday, weight and length on)

Class Update!
Justin and I have completed our breastfeeding class, birthing class and pre-admission to the hospital. The breastfeeding class was 3 hours long. I truly believe they could have put everything we learned into 1-2 hours. We learned alot of information, but it was just different than I expected. The birthing class was from 10am-3pm. I also believe this class could have been shortened to about 3 hours. We learned alot, but not what I was expecting. I think the best thing we did last week was the pre-admission into the hospital. The nurse we spoke with gave us an idea of what to expect from the moment we come into the hospital until the time we leave...this was definitely the most informative meeting. She answered alot of my questions and could give information first hand since they are sometimes in the delivery room. And it was the ONLY free class! (well..I guess we will pay for that with our hospital bills! Ha!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

baby shower #3....

With as many times as I have written about how blessed we are over the last few weeks...I just need to say ditto to all of those posts! We had our 3rd baby shower at my house this past weekend. My friends Shannan and Taran and cousin Stephanie hosted the shower and they did an unbelievable job! Everything was green, black, off white and pink to match the nursery. The hosts were originally going to rent a place for the shower, but I suggested that we have it at my house as most of Justin's family had never been to our house or seen the nursery. It was a great idea! It was so nice not to have to haul everything home after the shower! Plus, I am getting a little lazier as each week passes anyway! Ha! Thanks so much to the hosts of the shower! It was such a great day! And thanks to all that made it or sent gifts. Justin and I are still amazed at the love and support people have shown us!

Hadlea banner...made by Taran (also matched the invitations)

It's A Girl banner...also made by Taran

Food Table!

The cake! (Shannan had this made to match my cute!)

Cookies...again, made my Taran. She is WAY too creative!
(ducks, bottles and crowns)

I didn't get a close up of the napkins, but they had Hadlea Easton Huskey on them.

With the hosts...Shannan, Stephanie, Me, Taran and Trevin

Shannan and I

Taran and I (I think with each pic I look a little more tired. Nice!)

My mom-Grammie, me and My mother-in-law-Nana

Catherine and I...the mother of my goddaughter

And with my sweet goddaughter, Kate

Ladies I work with...Joyce, Gay and Patty

My brother's girlfriend, Amanda...
hopefully sooner rather than later I will be calling her my SIL! :)

Gift Time!

Taran made this frame for everyone to sign at the shower...

Diaper Cake made by Shannan...she even made Hadlea the bows!

Diaper Wreath made by Cheryl...a family-friend of my MIL...very cute idea!

Hadlea's first Christmas ornament. I cannot even explain how special this is.
I NEVER even thought about it! :) Hadlea received this from another family-friend of my MIL. Thanks, Donnna!

Hadlea has received so many handmade blankets from family and friends. This quilt was made by Nita, the mother-in-law of my bestfriend, Shannan. This was such a special gift as Nita has never made a quilt for anyone outside of their family.

On the back it says, "In celebration of the birth of Hadlea Easton Huskey made by Nita Justice 2009"

Justin even showed up at the shower! With his momma...

with Joyce

Shannan and I again

Uncle Justin and wouldn't be the same without a good ol' wrestling match!

with my Goddaughter Kate, niece Hannah and nephew Riley

Kate and Cassidy...Cassidy's mommy will be keeping Hadlea when I return to work.

(bobby pillow, playgym, car seat base, 2 diaper bags, bumbo seat and tray and a launrdy hamper with her name)

Blankets, books and toys

a nice site to a new mommy's eyes! :)

bath, bottles and bibs!

Clothes! (no idea why the picture wouldn't turn)

shoes and box sets

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