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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


First off...I try to blog atleast once a week, but there hasn't been too much going on lately. I am starting to get tired very easily and trying to go to bed early since I never sleep all through the night. Only 3 1/2 weeks until I am full-term and I am getting more excited to see her sweet face each day! It is going fast, but NEVER will be fast enough!

I am in the process of deleting my Myspace. I currently have both Myspace and Facebook, but I hardly ever get on Myspace anymore. When I was looking through it the other day, I went back and read the 'About Me' section that I wrote a VERY long time ago. I must have been in deep thought that day because most people write a simplified version of themselves, but I guess that day I was leaning towards a book! Ha! I just wanted to post it here because I still mean every single word...including my LOVE for Kanye West! No comments! :)

"I believe I am overly fortunate. My parents are two of the greatest people ever and have instilled great values in our family. I have two brothers that I am pretty sure should be a godly status. I met my husband when I least expected to, and he is beyond perfect for me. I have said that I would never own an inside dog…never say never…as I am now crazy and completely in love with a little yorkie, Berkley, who sleeps in bed with me every night. I have a nephew-Riley and three nieces-Caylee, Mackenzie and Hannah. They are definitely the coolest kids on the block. I became a Godparent to my now Godchild, Katelyn. My Godparents are very special people whom I have always looked up to…I hope one day Kate feels the same way about me. I find that there is never a dull moment in my life…but it normally ends up making for a great story. I love to be spontaneous and up and leave at a moments notice. I am very sarcastic and always looking for a good time. I love to travel…whether it be out of the country or just down the road to the lake. I value my alone time with my husband, but my greatest stories come from girl trips. I believe that couples should make time apart as absence makes the heart grow fonder. I am very optimistic and love to see the good in people. I am obsessed with sports: mainly football – MY Dallas Cowboys and NASCAR-Matt Kenseth. I love tattoos and wish I had 100…but I know I never will. I love 100+ weather as I am always cold. I cannot watch TV without a blanket. I love Mexican food and could eat it for every meal. I hate tomatoes. I love to talk on the phone and catch up on peoples lives. I love to send/receive text messages. I think the iPhone is one of the greatest inventions. I love music and could listen for hours on end. I am currently obsessed with Kanye West and listen to him everyday…I cannot explain the obsession and most of my friends cannot stand him. I enjoy a cold drink with friends and the laughter that comes along with it. I love fashion. I love jeans and t-shirts, but enjoy dressing up on occasion. I love tall boots. I love bubble baths. I love Vanilla Diet Dr Peppers from Sonic. I tape 50+ shows on my DVR, but probably do not watch half of them. I love art and wish I would take more time to learn about it. I love quotes and the different feelings that come with each…too bad I don't remember half of the ones I love, but thank goodness for Google when you need it. I am very thankful for the friends I have made over the years and look forward to the ones I will meet in the future."

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