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Monday, October 12, 2009

baby shower #2 and my birthday!

This weekend was one of the greatest weekends we have had in a LONG time. It was so nice to spend time with friends and celebrate Hadlea! My oldest brother Alan and his girlfriend Amanda surprised us with a couples baby shower. We were so glad when they asked! Our close friends were invited and it was great to meet and catch it might be the last time we get to do so for a few months! Ha!
Shannan came in from Kansas City for the weekend so on Friday night we met up with some of her old friends from when she lived here. Saturday afternoon we shopped. Saturday evening was the shower and it could not have gone better! We requested Children's books and I CANNOT wait to read them all to Hadlea one day. We received some of the cutest books!
Justin and I

Brother Alan, his gfriend Amanda, Me, Justin, SIL Sarah and little brother Jake

with my brothers! i cannot imagine life without them!

The hosts - Amanda and Alan

the inlaws to the family - Justin and Sarah

with my cousin, James

with my best friend from college - Deanna

with Brooke! She is due 2 days after me and SO CUTE!

Lisa and Taran

Justin and several of the guys he works with plus Erin

The cake! It was absolutely adorable! Amanda did great!

Opening presents!

All of the gifts from the shower! We received so many great things!
(Diapers, diaper genie, clothes, TONS of books, hooded towels made by a friend, car mirror, boots, etc. I also received a gift certificate for stationary and a hair I actually have an excuse to get out of the house and make Justin babysit! :)

Aunt Shan bought her some Juicy Boots! Adorable!

From Alan and Amanda and too true! "So Many Frogs...So Few Princes"


And my friend Alissa remembered Berkley! He LOVED his bone!

I CANNOT thank Alan and Amanda enough for hosting this shower. It was so much fun and some didn't leave until after 1am! Pretty late for a pregnant girl! Ha!

Today I celebrated my 28th birthday...and I have no pictures to share, but it was a GREAT day! I received TONS of calls, texts, emails and facebook messages. The ladies at work took me to lunch and for dinner, we met Alan and Amanda. Justin and his mom bought me a new lens for my camera and I cannot wait to get Riley and Hannah together for some pictures! It will not be too long before I have a sweet little baby girl to photo. I PRAY she will never get sick of pictures! I received some money from my parents...which I already have spent in my head...a cute pair of boots at the mall are calling my name! :) Ha!

Thanks to all for the calls and messages today! So many things have happened in the last few months that remind me how blessed I truly am. I always wish there was something I could do as a thank you, but hopefully everyone knows how special they are to me!

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Amy Harmon said...

so sweet of alan and amanda! cashed in on the gifts. i would need a storage unit to keep all those wonderful gifts. such a cute cake:)

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