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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Baby Shower #1 - Medford

This could quite possibly be the longest post I have ever written and the most pictures I have ever posted! So please enjoy...because it took forever! :) As I wrote before, Justin and I are overly blessed and all of the following pictures will prove it! We are LOVED by so many and I CANNOT wait to share all of this with Hadlea when she is older. We have some very special people in our lives and it is amazing to get to be a part of their lives each day....whether we see them on a regular basis or not!

We started the day of the shower off with lunch with my mom's side of the family. The shower was Sunday, September 27. My granddad was having his 80th birthday on September 29th so we had lunch and cake and ice cream with him. The first picture is of my mom's entire family, except my Uncle Bill, who was home sick! :( My mom has one sister, Becky. Becky has 2 daughters. Michele and her husband Aaron are in the following picture with their 3 kids, Anna Grace, Harvey and Zac. Her other daughter, Malisa, is the one that is no longer with us and who we are naming Hadlea after. My mom's family is very small and intimate. We all live in 3 different states and DO NOT get to see each other enough!

My dad is one of 12 kids...YES, 12...7 boys and 5 girls. There are 39 grandkids and 18 great-grandkids, Hadlea will be the 19th. So needless to say, family gatherings are quite different between my mom and dad's families. My mom's side can fit into a dad's side must use a community building. Per my grandma on my dad's side, once Hadlea is born, she will be the 97th person born into our immediately family...this is from my grandparents down to the last great-grandchild, which would be Hadlea. I love both sides of my family more than I could ever express into words...and each for different reasons. If you only have small families and have never been to a large family dinner...let me know...anyone is welcome to our family functions and I promise, you will never forget a dinner with 100+ people. Everyone is talking, laughing and kids are running EVERYWHERE! And now onto the pictures...

My mom's parents with the 4 spouses! :)

My granny and grandad with the grandkids and great-grandkids.

My Mom, Grandad, Granny and Aunt Becky

The 3 great-grandkids..Harvey, Zac and Anna Grace

My friend Jennifer could not make the shower so her family came by to visit

Justin and his favorite buddy, Brynlee

And now onto the shower...I do not have any pictures of the people that were there, but I was told there were over 60...truly AMAZING! And onto opening gifts! My SIL, Sarah, is with me!

"My mom is hotter than your mom" :)

"i love daddy"

The hostesses minus 1. There were 11 and nothing would have happened without these people!

Grammie, Grandma, Me, Granny, Nana and Aunt Sarah

All of the pregos - Candice, Megan, Me and Shelly

High school friends - Mikki and Catherine

with my cousins Krissy and Riley Kate

Two of the most special people in my life. My Godparents - Gary and Brenda

My friend Shannan from Kansas City and her sweet babies - Brynlee and Kennedy

Anna Grace and I

Michele and I...whom I look up to for just about everything!

Michele, Granny and I

My momma and Me

We took pictures of ALL of the gifts before they were put up. I just wanted to remember everything we received! We received our bathtub, Carseat, Stoller and Pack-n-play.

Everything in piles!


Frames and a sign



Diapers, bath, Pacifiers, etc.

Books and Toys

I LOVE monogrammed goodness!

Shoes, Socks, Hats and Bows!

Play mats, cart cover, carseat accessories, etc.


And and awesome diaper cake!

Anyone reading this that attend the shower and/or bought us a gift, THANK YOU! You will NEVER really know how grateful we are for each of you!


Erin said...

Look at all that stuff. How lucky are you :) This baby will be very loved!

Amy Harmon said...

omg! my favorite is all the bows and hats. what a prissy lil pink thang she will be. these pics make me miss your much. i get all teary eyed just looking at them. i would love to give granny and grandad a big hug.
you are so lucky heather...and you know it which makes it even better.
what a great community medford is...


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