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Monday, October 05, 2009

30 weeks, fishing and more baby!

I am officially 30 weeks! It feels so good to get to this point! These last few weeks have gone so fast and I am assuming it is because we have been so busy every weekend. We have more showers coming up and one is at my house so I am going crazy trying to get my nursery completed. We are waiting on our glider to get in so we can figure out where we want to put the rest of our furniture and then we can move on to hanging everything on the walls! It is looking so good...I could not have asked for anything better! I have decided to wait until it is completed to post anymore pictures...SORRY! :) I am just loving it so much that I want you to get the full effect! Ha! But here is a belly picture at 30 weeks! :)

Justin had a fishing tournament this past weekend so I planned to hang out and shop a little for our maternity pictures. We had planned to take our pictures tomorrow, but with the rainy weather, we have moved them to Wednesday. Here is Justin as he pulled out of the driveway. I was REALLY hoping he would bring home some $$, but...better luck next time. They caught 8+lbs and needed 9+lbs to get into the money.

Since I was home alone for the weekend, my mom decided to drive up Saturday. We did a little shopping and decided to make more burp clothes. I have heard you go through alot of these with a baby and I wanted to make sure I had plenty! :) We did make some for little boys for one of my cousins and some I have put back for future baby girls. We have ALOT of babies coming into the family soon so I know these will definitely get used! We also made two blankets. I think they all turned out great!


Erin said...

Love the burp cloths, cant't wait to see pictures of the nursery when it is finished. You look so cute pregnant!

Amy Harmon said...

how did you make these heather? too cute. loving the skull one.

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