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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

nursery painted, check! furniture in, check!

So much for posting the finished product on Friday, huh?! ha! I had said on Thursday that I would post the finished product on Friday...well, we decided to do more painting around the house than planned. My neighbor said he thinks I was a painter in my previous life because it seems like I am always painting a room! Once I picked out the green of the nursery, I realized that it was too close to the green of my office...and for goodness sake's, I couldn't have TWO green rooms!! Justin's uncle said he could do the office on Friday so that meant taking EVERYTHING out of the office on Thursday night, including unplugging my internet. My house was a disaster! Everything from the future nursery/storage room had gone into the office and now both of those rooms had gone into the spare bedroom, hallway, living room, etc...pretty much anywhere we could find a place for it! And that wasn't the biggest issue to me! The biggest issue was that we decided at 4pm that we were going to do the office and Sherwin Williams closes at 6pm! That gave me TWO WHOLE hours to think of a color, actually pick out a color and go get the paint! I was a nervous wreck! ha! With the help of a fellow blogger (Thanks, Melissa!)...I decided on a color! What do you think?
After (and please excuse the animals...they will one day go in the garage/shed! :)
I like how the office turned out...but I LOVE how the nursery turned out! I have ideas on how I want it to look running through my head ALL day!
And guess what else Hadlea got over the weekend!? Her furniture! Justin and I drove to Oklahoma City to pick it up yesterday afternoon, we put it together around 8pm and since then, I have glanced in that room 100 times! I completely forgot how big the funiture actually was! Since the crib converts into a full size bed and the dresser is extra large, they will both be pieces she can have forever! Now...onto finding the other PERFECT peices...
Her sweet daddy putting it together!


Erin said...

Very Cute.. Love both room. I am new to your blog and will have to go check out your bedding you chose to see what the entire room will look like!

Love the nursery so far!!!

jessica jenkins said...

beautiful!!! i knew it would be of course:) can't wait to see it in person.

Unknown said...

Its looking fine, you can find more Baby Furniturehere…..

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