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Thursday, September 03, 2009

and the fun has begun...

After finding out we were expecting, I couldn't wait to find out what we were having so we could start on the nursery! In the mean time of waiting to find out, I had convinced myself we were having a boy. And because I KNEW it was a boy, I had decided exactly how I wanted the nursery to look. I would share, but it was such a great idea, that I hope I get to use it one day! :) So hopefully sometime in the future, the idea will be revealed! Once we found out we were having a baby girl, I moved back to looking at girl bedding and ideas. I had already book marked the bedding I ended up getting some time ago, but I continued to look to ensure I didn't find something better. I am still SO happy with my bedding choice and the ideas I have for baby girls nursery...I just CANNOT wait to see the finished product!
Justin's uncle is painting the nursery for us and he started TODAY! Justin and I spent about 4 hours last night cleaning out closets, rearranging things and getting everything ready. We cleaned the carpets and all! Here are few before and during pictures. Hopefully I will get to post the finished product tomorrow!
First, this was our office and then a storage, empty and waiting for paint!
Half-way there! The bottom will be black and cream striped to match the bumper!
Quick shot of the closet since I was in the room...filling up FAST!
I had a friend from grade school call me one day last week and she was getting rid of ALL of her baby girl, shoes, blankets, bows, etc! Her baby girl is almost 2 and she has a baby boy on the way. They do not plan to have anymore kids and she didn't want to give the clothes away to just anyone. I am SO thankful she chose to contact me! There are FOUR bags of clothes, sizes 0 through 9 months. The best thing is... her baby girl was born in December too so the sizes couldn't be better. Her mom and mother-in-law have GREAT taste so most of the clothes are Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place and even a few Ralph Lauren dresses!
So this is the back of my car...which will have to find a place in that room! :)


Emily said...

I got a ton of free baby stuff from my sister and sister-in-law -- isn't it the best! I'm excited to see the finished nursery! :o)

Erin said...

Where the stripes hard? I want to do stripes in my daughters bedroom and maybe the new nursery but I am scared!!!

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