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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally...she cooperates for the 4D!

I guess Hadlea decided it was time to show her SWEET face! Technology is so amazing and it was so refreshing just to watch her move around! It was the greatest feeling to actually feel her move inside and then watch what part of her body was moving on screen. My mom, Justin and my friend Joyce made the ultrasound. We were able to watch her for about 20 minutes! We also got a video and several pictures. Below are my favorite pics...

Here is the video if you want to watch more!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Congrats to Amanda and Brad

My cousin, Amanda, and her husband, Brad, welcomed their first baby on Monday, September 28, 2009 at 7:51 PM...Jake Ellis Zollinger. He was 7lbs 5oz and 20 inches long. He is absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to see him in person! Congrats to all and so glad to know momma and baby are both doing great!

weekend recap and knowing you are blessed!

First off, sorry it has been so long since my last post. The days last week seemed to drag on forever and I was in bed by 9pm every night, which is not normal for me. I knew we had a big weekend coming up so we spent time getting ready for it. Just a quick recap of the weekend and no pictures! :( I have a ton to share but haven't uploaded them yet....

On Friday after work we drove to Medford, which is where I grew up and my parents still live. On Saturday, my grandparents and aunt came into town so we hung out and watched ALOT of football. I also got a visit from my cousin's baby, Riley Kate. She is the best baby! You can see her cute little face here. Justin spent the day out at the farm with my dad.

Sunday, was a BUSY day. My mom's sister's family came to town along with my brothers. We started with lunch and then celebrated by Grandad's 80th birthday with cake and ice cream. It was so great to be together! I miss each of them so much and we definitely do not get to spend enough time together. Shortly after celebrating my grandads bday, we headed downtown to the baby shower.

I often wonder why God chose to give me such an amazing life. I know there are people out there that struggle and have not one person to turn to. I cannot think of one time in my life when I 'thought' I was struggling and there wasn't anyone for me to pick up the phone and call. This weekends baby shower proved to me that I am one of the most fortunate people in the world. I know I am beyond blessed but I know I take things in life for granted. It drives me CRAZY to think it takes something so unbelievable to make me realize how truly special my life is and how amazing the people in my life really are!
I have known from day one that Hadlea would be spoiled beyond belief! I am really hoping there is a difference somewhere out there that separates being spoiled and a complete brat! : ) It is only 74+ days before Hadlea makes her appearance, and I already love her more than life itself. I pray that I can show her the love that my family and friends show me every time I see them.
I have so many pictures to upload and post of my baby shower, but I am still just so overwhelmed with the love Justin and I were shown that I could not even take the time to upload them. I use this blog as a journal to our lives and I really wanted to document how I was feeling without sharing pictures. Once you see the pictures of everything, you will completely understand! I received the cutest PINK things I have ever seen in my life. After only baby shower #1, there are only 4 things I think I HAVE to have before she gets here...and we have 2 baby showers to go! I don't even have the words to express my appreciation for everyone that came to the shower and/or brought a gift. She will be the best dressed baby EVER! So stay tuned for the pictures...hopefully I can get them up this week!

Monday, September 21, 2009

great weekend and 4D ultrasound!

Justin and I had a GREAT weekend! Friday night we hung out and relaxed. I decided to head to bed early as we were to leave early for the football game on Saturday morning so he headed outside to hang with the neighbors. We left Saturday morning and headed to Norman, OK for a little Sooner football! OU played Tulsa University....I LOVE the Sooners, but Tulsa will always hold a special place in my heart! My cousin was their quarterback for 4 years and they had some great games during his time. After a few tries in the NFL, he decided to become a coach. I SO miss watching him play! Just a quick action shot! :)

The game ended up being a blow out. OU won 45-0. The game was fun...I don't really think you can beat a day of football!

Justin and I

Stephanie and I

Justin's cousin, Joey, and his wife, Stephanie

On Sunday my mom had came to town. We shopped a little for the nursery. My older brother, Alan, and his girlfriend, Amanda, came over for supper on Sunday and we watched Dallas play the Giants...which I am NOT about to discuss!

On Monday, we had our 4D ultrasound! It wasn't scheduled until 3:30 in the afternoon so I was a wreck ALL day just waiting to go see her cute little face! Justin, Alan, my mom and Justin's mom all drove through rain and hail to get to the ultrasound....and wouldn't you know, we didn't even get to see her! :( She had her feet in her face and wouldn't turn for the life of us. Halfway through, I got up and walked around, ate some crackers and drank some luck! We will reschedule in a week or two and hopefully she will cooperate a little better! :) I know she is not going to be stubborn forever! ha! Below is a link of what we got of the ultrasound. Hopefully...better luck next time!

Friday, September 18, 2009

monogrammed goodness...and football...

Hadlea is going to have a wardrobe FULL of monogrammed clothing. Her Nana, Justin's mom, brought these over this past week. She also got her some cute pink fur booties! The onesies will look adorable with her roughly bottom pants and a BIG bow!

Tomorrow, Justin and I are heading here....

to Norman...the OU vs Tulsa game. I LOVE football more than life itself! :) I cannot wait for the game. There is nothing better than a cool fall day of tailgating, a football game and more tailgating! So stay tuned for pictures of the weekend...

Monday, September 14, 2009

watch dog and 27 weeks

Berkley has become our little watch dog over the year. He lets us know if any animal or person gets within view of our house! When we repainted the office, which has become 'his' room, we moved the hope chest in front of the window for him to be able to look out the window. We previously had a storage box, but it wasn't as tall as the hope chest. When I worked from home last week, this is how he slept and looked out the window...
The slightest noise would wake him and he would jump up and start growling. We think it is VERY funny now...I am sure that will change with a sleeping baby in the next room!

I also realized I hadn't posted a belly picture in a couple I am at 27 weeks. She is moving like crazy! It is the coolest feeling, yet not always the most comfortable! ha! I have been having dreams about what she will look like. Sometimes she is blonde headed and sometimes she is black headed....either way, she always has 10 fingers and 10 toes, which is all we can really ask for! I am just getting so anxious to meet her! 
And a quick family picture after church and errands...ready to watch some football!

Friday, September 11, 2009

crib bedding on, check!

Hopefully there will be alot more posts with checks on them in the next few weeks! I am not a list keeper, but I keep a running list of things we need for baby girl. I am just hoping to get them done as soon as possible so I don't end up stressing at the end! :) So far, I feel under control! Hopefully this weekend I will nail down some things I want in the definitely more posts to come on the nursery!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

labor day weekend and our 6th year anniversary

Justin and I spend Labor Day Weekend in Kansas City with the Justice family. We drove up Friday evening and came back Monday. The best part about the trip, we were LAZY! The Justice's really live in Lees Summit which is just outside of Kansas City, MO. Saturday morning we went to a couple of stores dowtown Lees Summit and that evening we cooked out and watched football! Have I told you my LOVE for football! :) I feel like I am somehow whole again knowing I will get to watch it almost EVERY night! Too bad Justin isn't as obsessed with it as I am...he would much prefer to watch baseball...strange, I know! ha!

Justin playing with the girls (And yes, I know he will make the best daddy! :)
Justin and Berkley watching the OU game
Justin's new buddy, Brynlee
Kennedy and Brynlee roasting smores after the game
On Sunday, we decided to head to the Kansas City Royals game. The game was fun! They have the neatest kids area at the stadium. I am pretty sure there were NO kids watching the game!
KK watching the game and eating her entire bag of popcorn!
Brynlee and I
Justin and Brynlee again
Riding the merry-go-round
And Justin and I on our 6th Anniversary! I really cannot believe it has been 6 years. Justin is my very best friend and I really have no idea what I would do in life without him. I have a very blessed life and I still wonder on a daily basis what I did for God to be so good to me. Now to add Hadlea to the definitely doesn't get any better!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

nursery painted, check! furniture in, check!

So much for posting the finished product on Friday, huh?! ha! I had said on Thursday that I would post the finished product on Friday...well, we decided to do more painting around the house than planned. My neighbor said he thinks I was a painter in my previous life because it seems like I am always painting a room! Once I picked out the green of the nursery, I realized that it was too close to the green of my office...and for goodness sake's, I couldn't have TWO green rooms!! Justin's uncle said he could do the office on Friday so that meant taking EVERYTHING out of the office on Thursday night, including unplugging my internet. My house was a disaster! Everything from the future nursery/storage room had gone into the office and now both of those rooms had gone into the spare bedroom, hallway, living room, etc...pretty much anywhere we could find a place for it! And that wasn't the biggest issue to me! The biggest issue was that we decided at 4pm that we were going to do the office and Sherwin Williams closes at 6pm! That gave me TWO WHOLE hours to think of a color, actually pick out a color and go get the paint! I was a nervous wreck! ha! With the help of a fellow blogger (Thanks, Melissa!)...I decided on a color! What do you think?
After (and please excuse the animals...they will one day go in the garage/shed! :)
I like how the office turned out...but I LOVE how the nursery turned out! I have ideas on how I want it to look running through my head ALL day!
And guess what else Hadlea got over the weekend!? Her furniture! Justin and I drove to Oklahoma City to pick it up yesterday afternoon, we put it together around 8pm and since then, I have glanced in that room 100 times! I completely forgot how big the funiture actually was! Since the crib converts into a full size bed and the dresser is extra large, they will both be pieces she can have forever! Now...onto finding the other PERFECT peices...
Her sweet daddy putting it together!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

and the fun has begun...

After finding out we were expecting, I couldn't wait to find out what we were having so we could start on the nursery! In the mean time of waiting to find out, I had convinced myself we were having a boy. And because I KNEW it was a boy, I had decided exactly how I wanted the nursery to look. I would share, but it was such a great idea, that I hope I get to use it one day! :) So hopefully sometime in the future, the idea will be revealed! Once we found out we were having a baby girl, I moved back to looking at girl bedding and ideas. I had already book marked the bedding I ended up getting some time ago, but I continued to look to ensure I didn't find something better. I am still SO happy with my bedding choice and the ideas I have for baby girls nursery...I just CANNOT wait to see the finished product!
Justin's uncle is painting the nursery for us and he started TODAY! Justin and I spent about 4 hours last night cleaning out closets, rearranging things and getting everything ready. We cleaned the carpets and all! Here are few before and during pictures. Hopefully I will get to post the finished product tomorrow!
First, this was our office and then a storage, empty and waiting for paint!
Half-way there! The bottom will be black and cream striped to match the bumper!
Quick shot of the closet since I was in the room...filling up FAST!
I had a friend from grade school call me one day last week and she was getting rid of ALL of her baby girl, shoes, blankets, bows, etc! Her baby girl is almost 2 and she has a baby boy on the way. They do not plan to have anymore kids and she didn't want to give the clothes away to just anyone. I am SO thankful she chose to contact me! There are FOUR bags of clothes, sizes 0 through 9 months. The best thing is... her baby girl was born in December too so the sizes couldn't be better. Her mom and mother-in-law have GREAT taste so most of the clothes are Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place and even a few Ralph Lauren dresses!
So this is the back of my car...which will have to find a place in that room! :)
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