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Friday, August 28, 2009

registering, doctor's appointment and lunch

Justin and I went to register at Babies R Us this past Wednesday night. It was a great night to go as there were very few people in the store, however, do they NOT give you a personal shopper for first time parents!? I remember back when Justin and I went to register for our wedding showers. It was SO much fun! But, I guess back then we were not planning for a human life! :) We had decided we would only register for things she would need in the first year. I printed out the "must have" necessities list off of the Babies R Us Website. Looking at the list wasn't as scary as seeing everything in person. I started wondering where I would stash/store everything, and whether or not I was even responsible enough to take care of a human life and give her everything she "must have" from Babies R Us! :) Do you know how many different types of bottles, pacifiers, thermometers, etc. there are? I had NO idea! I have shopped at BRU many times over the years, but not into the detail I had to this past week. Justin and I got so MANY laughs at different things and people probably thought we were crazy! And probably wondered by God would give a child to some crazy people laughing at the simplest things in the isles! The more stressed I got about what brand might be the perfect one for her, the more I let Justin take control. I can be REALLY indecisive and Justin is NOT! So as to the bottles, pacifiers, things needed for a breast pump...I have NO idea what he chose. It will be VERY interesting to look back over my registry later! And my poor friend, Shannan, she probably thinks I am on the verge of losing it with the crazy questions I called to ask! (I did call to ask if I needed seperate bottles for breast milk and formula...really! I had no idea you didn't!) We registered for some of the cutest things, and I cannot wait to see her use them in the future. Everyday this becomes a little more real! Justin is going to make the best daddy EVER! He went through that store like a man on a mission and wanted nothing but the best for his first little girl! I knew I always loved him, but it is the simplest things that remind me why I wanted to marry him to begin with! There is no doubt in my mind that she will be a daddy's girl...kinda makes me happy, kinda makes me sad! :)

I had a doctor's appointment this week as well. She was measuring perfect and my doctor told me I was NOT too big! :) He asked if I was starting to feel her move alot more and I said yes, some days she never stops. But that particular morning she hadn't moved as much. He had me lay down to check the heartbeat and right as we started listening, she kicked and we see it on the outside. We all got a laugh! I asked him about the flu shot since it seems people think the flu will be bad this year. He said I did need to get a flu shot. This concerned me since I have never taken one, but he said I didn't really have a choice. I also asked whether he planned to be in the office around my due date. Since I am due December 11, I didn't want him running off on vacation. I wanted to make sure I was prepared incase he wasn't going to be there. I know there is always a chance he will not deliver me, but I wanted to know ahead of time. He gave me a pat and let me know he takes vacation after Christmas so more than likely, he would be there to deliver. If she hasn't come by December 11, I believe he will want to take her on December 14. December 11 is a Friday and he doesn't want to take her on the weekend if he doesn't have to, so December 14 would be that following Monday. After our appointment, Justin guessed that she would be born on December 3rd. I guess we will have to wait and see! 

Now onto lunch...Every week I meet my old boss, Joyce, for work. She was one of the funnest people to work with and is one of the sweetest people you will EVER meet. I value our conversations and cannot wait until Hadlea can join us for our first lunch together. Joyce thought she needed a picture of my belly the other here we are after lunch.

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