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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

all about B!

Although I could talk ALL DAY about Hadlea, I never want to forget my first baby I thought he needed his own blog today! I LOVE Berkley more than I could ever tell you. I was NOT a dog person before we got Berkley, but I now completely understand those 'crazy dog people' as I am now one! Justin and I live our nights at home for Berkley. When we are home one of us, if not both, are always playing with him. He LOVES to play tug-of-war with a rope, a blanket or anything else he can get his mouth on. But the thing Berkley loves most is to ride in the car! If you say bye, even on the phone, he will run to the front door. He could ride for hours on end.
Here he is today on the way home from the groomers. Our next door neighbor owns Groomingdales in Tulsa, so she occasionally takes Berkley to work with her and grooms him. This also allows him to play with other dogs for a few hours. I know he loves it there and may not want to leave, but he would SO much rather go on a car ride.
Berkley also loves to be chased around the house. He will do circles around the couch, recliners, beds, etc. Once he gets tired, he goes and hides. Here he is under a blanket, which happens often.
Justin and I SWEAR he has an internal clock. This is what he looks like sitting in the window of my office everyday that I work from home around 4:15. Justin usually gets home around 4:30-4:45 so he will wait ever so impatiently for his daddy to get home to play. Once Justin walks in the door he grabs a toy to start playing!
Berkley does sleep in bed with us. I HAVE to know what he is doing at all times. He is usually like my little shadow at home so it doesn't take much to check on him. He is beside me at all times. When we first get in bed each night, he will want to play with Justin and then come over and snuggle with me. He has his own pillow in bed, but always wants to lay on mine. He also loves to be covered up. He will dig until he can get underneath the covers and then come back out enough that his body is still covered. He makes us laugh constantly!
He was a GREAT partner when I had really bad morning sickness and wanted to sleep all of the time! :)
When we get ready for bed each night, we ask him if he wants to go 'night, night'. He immediately starts looking for his blanky. We bought this blue blanket for him the very first day we got him. He HAS to sleep with it. When he gets really tired and Justin and I are watching TV, he will pick up his blanket and take it to the bedroom. When we do not follow, he will come back to the living room and growl at us. Slightly spoiled!

B occasionally sleeps with his dad. But he is a complete mommas boy and I DO rub it in! I love the two of them more than life itself!


Jenna said...

I just found your blog and you are cracking me up with your dog! We have a cocker spaniel and 2 little boys and Harleigh (the dog) is much like a child to us as well. Goes everywhere with us, sleeps in our bed (ughhhh lol) and is SPOILED too!

I'm glad we are no the only 'crazy dog people' ha ha!


Amy Harmon said...

I never ever thought you would be a dog person. This is too funny. Romeo does the same thing...he nudges the covers to get under and when he gets hot he comes out and its a nightly cycle. Oh how we live for these furry guys. I am so glad you all got a dog.

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