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Monday, August 24, 2009

24 weeks, weekend update and commenting

Am I REALLY that big in person? WOW! I am starting to feel LARGE! I am ONLY 24 weeks! I am not one to worry about how much weight I will gain during this pregnancy. I guess I just never planned to gain so fast and out grow all of my clothes. Some of my shirts are starting to get a little snug! :) I have been wearing maternity jeans for the last month or more, but I thought I could get away with wearing alot of my shirts a little longer...well, not gonna happen. I had to break down and by some t-shirts. I bought a couple of maternity shirts and then some larger/longer shirts from American Eagle.

24 weeks
This weekend seemed to be a pretty productive weekend. Justin and I went to dinner on Friday night and then went to bed early as he had a fishing tournament on Saturday morning and had to leave the house at 3am. The tournament went great. They got 7th place and Justin had 2nd Big Bass...we will not go into his prize...which should have been money, but wasn't! :) I will never let him live it down though!
While he was fishing, I went shopping in Oklahoma City with my Mother-in-law, Carolyn. They are in the process of rebuilding their house so we went furniture shopping. We, of course, had to hit the babies stores as well. Hadlea got a couple more outfits and a bathtub! :)
Sunday, Justin and I went to church and then out to eat. We went to the mall to get some clothes and then went to Just Between Friends. If you have never heard of Just Between Friends click here. I heard it was like a glorified garage sale so I thought we would check it out. If you ever decide to go make sure you have about 5 hours of time. I really have no idea what I expected, but it wasn't that! There were people/kids EVERYWHERE. We walked in and Justin said he would sale anything of his and buy anything for Hadlea at full price as long as I didn't make him dig! :) It gave us a good laugh, but I will ensure to be more prepared next year! Sunday evening we came home and cleaned out the garage and cleaned out our vehicles. Berkley and I went on a walk before bed.

Now onto commenting...I KNOW there are many that keep up with our blog on a regular basis. Mom/Carolyn, aunts, friends of not be afraid to comment on the posts! :) I get emails sometimes with comments about a particular posts, but don't be afraid to comment on the post. If you have a personal question, then feel free to email!

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Emily said...

Congrats on being 24 weeks! I wandered over to your blog from "Our Journey" -- I'm 23 weeks myself, expecting a little boy! I love having a blog to keep track of all these pregnancy milestones. So much easier than writing it down in a journal somewhere! :o) Feel free to check out my blog, if you like. I'm at


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