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Monday, August 31, 2009

family and baby showers...

This past weekend seemed to be packed full of activies. Friday night, we went to my brother's house for a couples baby shower. Amanda and Alan did a great job putting it on. This shower was for two couples, both having girls. It was so great to catch up with some other pregnant girls! Lina is due in September and Brooke is due December 13, two days behind me! Too bad I didn't take any pics!
After the shower on Friday night, Justin and I drove to Medford. My mom, SIL-Sarah and I had plans to go furniture shopping on Saturday. My little brother, Jake, and Sarah are looking for a couch. I have a feeling it will be some time before they find that perfect couch! :) We also went shopping for Baby H and didn't buy one thing for her! I know...shocking! But we did get a chance to eat lunch with another cute little girl...
We met Catherine and my Goddaugher, Katelyn, along with Cat's mom, Cathy. Kate is getting SO big. She has the biggest blue eyes. She was showing us at lunch her animal sounds. She is just so darn cute!
On Sunday, I went to a baby shower for my cousin, Amanda. She is due with Baby Jake on October 10. She is SO cute and ALL belly! Alot of high school friends showed up so it was great to catch up!
Amanda and her sister Sara
The hosts of the shower
All of the pregnant girls!
High school friends
Me, Amanda and Krissy with baby Riley Kate. She is so darn adorable! I just wanted to eat her up!
This picture is from Krissy's baby shower when she was pregnant with Riley. It will be fun to eventually get a picture with us and all of our babies! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

registering, doctor's appointment and lunch

Justin and I went to register at Babies R Us this past Wednesday night. It was a great night to go as there were very few people in the store, however, do they NOT give you a personal shopper for first time parents!? I remember back when Justin and I went to register for our wedding showers. It was SO much fun! But, I guess back then we were not planning for a human life! :) We had decided we would only register for things she would need in the first year. I printed out the "must have" necessities list off of the Babies R Us Website. Looking at the list wasn't as scary as seeing everything in person. I started wondering where I would stash/store everything, and whether or not I was even responsible enough to take care of a human life and give her everything she "must have" from Babies R Us! :) Do you know how many different types of bottles, pacifiers, thermometers, etc. there are? I had NO idea! I have shopped at BRU many times over the years, but not into the detail I had to this past week. Justin and I got so MANY laughs at different things and people probably thought we were crazy! And probably wondered by God would give a child to some crazy people laughing at the simplest things in the isles! The more stressed I got about what brand might be the perfect one for her, the more I let Justin take control. I can be REALLY indecisive and Justin is NOT! So as to the bottles, pacifiers, things needed for a breast pump...I have NO idea what he chose. It will be VERY interesting to look back over my registry later! And my poor friend, Shannan, she probably thinks I am on the verge of losing it with the crazy questions I called to ask! (I did call to ask if I needed seperate bottles for breast milk and formula...really! I had no idea you didn't!) We registered for some of the cutest things, and I cannot wait to see her use them in the future. Everyday this becomes a little more real! Justin is going to make the best daddy EVER! He went through that store like a man on a mission and wanted nothing but the best for his first little girl! I knew I always loved him, but it is the simplest things that remind me why I wanted to marry him to begin with! There is no doubt in my mind that she will be a daddy's girl...kinda makes me happy, kinda makes me sad! :)

I had a doctor's appointment this week as well. She was measuring perfect and my doctor told me I was NOT too big! :) He asked if I was starting to feel her move alot more and I said yes, some days she never stops. But that particular morning she hadn't moved as much. He had me lay down to check the heartbeat and right as we started listening, she kicked and we see it on the outside. We all got a laugh! I asked him about the flu shot since it seems people think the flu will be bad this year. He said I did need to get a flu shot. This concerned me since I have never taken one, but he said I didn't really have a choice. I also asked whether he planned to be in the office around my due date. Since I am due December 11, I didn't want him running off on vacation. I wanted to make sure I was prepared incase he wasn't going to be there. I know there is always a chance he will not deliver me, but I wanted to know ahead of time. He gave me a pat and let me know he takes vacation after Christmas so more than likely, he would be there to deliver. If she hasn't come by December 11, I believe he will want to take her on December 14. December 11 is a Friday and he doesn't want to take her on the weekend if he doesn't have to, so December 14 would be that following Monday. After our appointment, Justin guessed that she would be born on December 3rd. I guess we will have to wait and see! 

Now onto lunch...Every week I meet my old boss, Joyce, for work. She was one of the funnest people to work with and is one of the sweetest people you will EVER meet. I value our conversations and cannot wait until Hadlea can join us for our first lunch together. Joyce thought she needed a picture of my belly the other here we are after lunch.

Monday, August 24, 2009

24 weeks, weekend update and commenting

Am I REALLY that big in person? WOW! I am starting to feel LARGE! I am ONLY 24 weeks! I am not one to worry about how much weight I will gain during this pregnancy. I guess I just never planned to gain so fast and out grow all of my clothes. Some of my shirts are starting to get a little snug! :) I have been wearing maternity jeans for the last month or more, but I thought I could get away with wearing alot of my shirts a little longer...well, not gonna happen. I had to break down and by some t-shirts. I bought a couple of maternity shirts and then some larger/longer shirts from American Eagle.

24 weeks
This weekend seemed to be a pretty productive weekend. Justin and I went to dinner on Friday night and then went to bed early as he had a fishing tournament on Saturday morning and had to leave the house at 3am. The tournament went great. They got 7th place and Justin had 2nd Big Bass...we will not go into his prize...which should have been money, but wasn't! :) I will never let him live it down though!
While he was fishing, I went shopping in Oklahoma City with my Mother-in-law, Carolyn. They are in the process of rebuilding their house so we went furniture shopping. We, of course, had to hit the babies stores as well. Hadlea got a couple more outfits and a bathtub! :)
Sunday, Justin and I went to church and then out to eat. We went to the mall to get some clothes and then went to Just Between Friends. If you have never heard of Just Between Friends click here. I heard it was like a glorified garage sale so I thought we would check it out. If you ever decide to go make sure you have about 5 hours of time. I really have no idea what I expected, but it wasn't that! There were people/kids EVERYWHERE. We walked in and Justin said he would sale anything of his and buy anything for Hadlea at full price as long as I didn't make him dig! :) It gave us a good laugh, but I will ensure to be more prepared next year! Sunday evening we came home and cleaned out the garage and cleaned out our vehicles. Berkley and I went on a walk before bed.

Now onto commenting...I KNOW there are many that keep up with our blog on a regular basis. Mom/Carolyn, aunts, friends of not be afraid to comment on the posts! :) I get emails sometimes with comments about a particular posts, but don't be afraid to comment on the post. If you have a personal question, then feel free to email!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

all about B!

Although I could talk ALL DAY about Hadlea, I never want to forget my first baby I thought he needed his own blog today! I LOVE Berkley more than I could ever tell you. I was NOT a dog person before we got Berkley, but I now completely understand those 'crazy dog people' as I am now one! Justin and I live our nights at home for Berkley. When we are home one of us, if not both, are always playing with him. He LOVES to play tug-of-war with a rope, a blanket or anything else he can get his mouth on. But the thing Berkley loves most is to ride in the car! If you say bye, even on the phone, he will run to the front door. He could ride for hours on end.
Here he is today on the way home from the groomers. Our next door neighbor owns Groomingdales in Tulsa, so she occasionally takes Berkley to work with her and grooms him. This also allows him to play with other dogs for a few hours. I know he loves it there and may not want to leave, but he would SO much rather go on a car ride.
Berkley also loves to be chased around the house. He will do circles around the couch, recliners, beds, etc. Once he gets tired, he goes and hides. Here he is under a blanket, which happens often.
Justin and I SWEAR he has an internal clock. This is what he looks like sitting in the window of my office everyday that I work from home around 4:15. Justin usually gets home around 4:30-4:45 so he will wait ever so impatiently for his daddy to get home to play. Once Justin walks in the door he grabs a toy to start playing!
Berkley does sleep in bed with us. I HAVE to know what he is doing at all times. He is usually like my little shadow at home so it doesn't take much to check on him. He is beside me at all times. When we first get in bed each night, he will want to play with Justin and then come over and snuggle with me. He has his own pillow in bed, but always wants to lay on mine. He also loves to be covered up. He will dig until he can get underneath the covers and then come back out enough that his body is still covered. He makes us laugh constantly!
He was a GREAT partner when I had really bad morning sickness and wanted to sleep all of the time! :)
When we get ready for bed each night, we ask him if he wants to go 'night, night'. He immediately starts looking for his blanky. We bought this blue blanket for him the very first day we got him. He HAS to sleep with it. When he gets really tired and Justin and I are watching TV, he will pick up his blanket and take it to the bedroom. When we do not follow, he will come back to the living room and growl at us. Slightly spoiled!

B occasionally sleeps with his dad. But he is a complete mommas boy and I DO rub it in! I love the two of them more than life itself!

i know...i know...

she does not need anymore stuff! I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have heard this over the last couple of weeks. I am well aware that her closet is half full and we have 3 baby showers to go! :) But these are WAY too good not to share. My theory is you only have one first child. I am sure by the second one, I will be chasing her everywhere and will have no time to I will just go ahead and get it out of my system now! I could seriously shop for her!
Justin and I took our vehicles to get serviced the other day, so while we were waiting on my car to finish, we headed over to the baby store to look around. I had been in this store before and knew there was a hat she HAD TO HAVE. At first we couldn't find the hat so Justin picked out the skull with the crown...and then I ran into the zebra one! One of her first pictures will definitely be in that zebra hat!

Name comments: Thanks for the emails regarding her name! I don't think we could have come up with a better name to fit us...and hopefully her! A few of you thought it was very unique and a unique spelling. Since my initials are HH, and I love them, I thought it would be fun to use the same for her. We were acutally going to use an 'H' name if she were a boy as well. I always teased Justin that I would never name our kids 'J' names because people would think they were named after him...and I am the one doing all of the work for the first 9 months! :) And although I KNOW I can be a little bratty, it was only a of the 3 names we were picking from for a girl started with a 'J'. :) I remember hearing the name Hadlea for the first time about 2 years ago. There is some swimwear model named Hadlea, but I think she spelled it Hadlee. That is when I remember putting the name on my 'list'! :) Remember...I am obsessed with names so I always check out peoples first and last names and will get their middle names, if possible! Strange, I know! But you never know either...maybe someone's last name will make the perfect baby name!

The time is going fast, so hopefully we will be sharing pictures of a happy/healthy baby in no time!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

and she is given a name...

Growing up, I always thought it was strange that people would be 7 or 8 months pregnant and still have no idea what they were going to name their baby...for me, this is something I have thought about many times over the years. I am somewhat obsessed with names and always curious about what people name their babies and why! (Even though it might not be my business :) But when you are put into that situation and have to give a living thing a name to live with for life, I totally get it now! For a couple of years, I have kept a list of names I would one day want to use for a boy or girl. I would pull it up every now and again and remove a name if someone used it or maybe add or decide I no longer like one for some reason.
Once we found out we were expecting, I just knew we were having a boy and looked at nothing but boys names. We came up with a boys name really fast but could never agree on a middle name. With our 16 week unltrasound and the thought that she really might be a girl, we changed directions. I got out my list of names and gave Justin the top 3 that I loved! We would throw out more here and there but there was nothing we liked more than our top pick from our list! I pretty much knew what I always wanted to use for a girls middle name. It changed here and there, but in the end, I knew I would always use the middle name we picked...and with Justin being a baseball player, it was NOT hard to convince him! :)

Hadlea Easton

I LOVE the name and cannot wait to meet her. Many people have asked if it is pronounced Hadley or Hadleah. It is pronounced Hadley. My middle name is Lea so I wanted to use it for something different. We chose Easton after one of my cousins that is no longer with us. Her family is VERY special to me and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about each of them.

It is so strange how she now consumes all of our time and she is not even here! We spend many nights telling Berkley all about her and what a great big brother he will be. I cannot wait to see them together for the very first time!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Babymoon - Naples, Florida

I have heard of alot of people taking one last trip together before the first baby arrives and I guess it is called a Babymoon! I was planning a surprise trip to Boston for Justin's birthday in May since he is a big Red Sox fan. We were going to a game in August. Once we found out I was pregnant, I went ahead and told him about the surprise and asked if he wanted to go. I didn't really want to go to Boston as I would love to go when I am not pregnant. After talking with my aunt about Boston, she offered us her condo in Naples, FL for a week. We took our best friends, Shannan and Michael and did just that...a Babymoon to Florida! I know that MOST couples go on a babymoon alone together, but this was Shannan and I's annual girls trip along with the babymoon rolled into one...and it couldn't have gone better! I cannot even put into words how much fun we had, how thankful I am to my aunt and uncle and just overall, how relaxing the trip was!

Yes...this is where we stayed!

View from the balcony We spent ALOT of time on the beach laying out, looking for shells, snorkeling...

We dressed up one night and went to a Steak and Seafood resturant on the water.
This is usually how we look together...Michael and I are calm...
and they are out of control!
We took an airboat ride in the Everglades to see the Alligator

One day when it rained, we took a trip over to Sanibel. The walk ways to the ocean were so beautiful. The town of Sanibel looks like what I think Hawaii would look like.
I was joking with Justin that fat men cannot jump. He decided to prove us wrong! I just pointed my camera and shot. I would never be able to get this shot again!

We went to eat pizza at an outdoor mall. The mall was closed but we decided to walk around anyway.
Naples Pier. All of those people were fishing!
There was so much wildlife to look at sitting on the balcony of the condo. The stingray were everywhere! They didn't mind you in the ocean and would just go around you. We seen tons of different fish, birds and one day seen 4 dolphin, but I never got a picture of them.

The sunsets were amazing...just like the trip!
And of course we shopped...and she got some CUTE stuff! My favorite things are from Polo!

Long time, No Post!

I have no idea why I get so far behind on posting! I LOVE posting and keeping a journal of our lives, but I just get side tracked and forget. goes trying to catch you up on our last 6 weeks. It does not seem like it has been 6 weeks since I last posted. I am now 23 weeks!
I am feeling so much better and have more energy, but I still get sick every morning. Justin and I have started walking more so I think that is helping with more it gives Berkley a chance to get out of the house and then he sleeps so good! Here I am at 20 weeks.

The weekend before my 20 week appointment, my mom, Justin and I drove to Oklahoma City to order the baby furniture. The crib and dresser I had picked out could take up to 12 weeks to get in so we wanted to get it ordered ASAP. We were still not 100% that she was a girl, but the furniture could be used for a boy or girl. I LOVE my furniture. Here is the crib I orderd in black... And I ordered the dresser in the back with the mirror, however, I didn't order the mirror. I am hoping to find a BIG mirror to go in the room since the dresser is so large. It will be black as well. I have had the bedding picked out for quite some time. I found it just after we found out we were expecting and book marked it. However, since I KNEW we were having a boy, I kind of gave up on it. Once we heard with our first ultrasound that we were having a girl, I went back and looked at it again. I looked a few other places, but never found anything I like better. I had planned to order the bedding online, but it was on back order. When we went to order the furniture in OKlahoma City, we found my bedding at another baby store...and not only did they have EVERYTHING I wanted in the collection, they gave it to us at the internet price which was WAY cheaper than the store! It was such a great day! And here it is...
The trip to OKC was so great. We finished it up with dinner with my BFF Jessica and her sister, Becca. Jessica was my maid-of-honor in our wedding. We have so many funny stories of trips we took in high school so it was fun to share the stories with Justin...although, we would start laughing before we could finish the story. It was just so great to catch up. I miss Jess so much!
The next week was my 20 week unltrasound and it was confirmed that she was ALL girl! My mom and Justin were there for my ultrasound. I could hear that heartbeat!


Long legs and all girl!

The same week as my appointment Justin and I went to the ZZ Top / Aerosmith concert. It was so great! I LOVED Aerosmith growing up and once had their 100 song CD set...before it got stolen. It was so great to hear alot of those songs I remember listening to growing up. Justin only cared about ZZ Top so he was ready to leave after they played. :)

ZZ Top


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