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Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's a....

GIRL! (Side note: I have never really thought about saying, "what is it?" when asking someone what the sex of their baby is, and now, I feel ashamed that we call them its until we find out the sex. I thought from day 1 that I was always having a boy so I always referred to the baby as he...and now I keep saying, It's a girl..I know, strange! But I am still in shock that it is actually a GIRL!)

Okay...back to the complete excitement of a baby girl. Growing up I always told people I never wanted girls. I grew up as the only girl with two brothers and I was 100% fine with that. I NEVER wanted to share a bedroom, clothes or bathroom. I always hoped I would one day get an awesome sis-in-law(done!), but I NEVER wanted a sister while growing up, therefore, I never really wanted a girl. I wanted, I wanted football players...really, I wanted a really good quarterback! If you know me, you know I LIVE for football and the quarterback...I mean, 95% of the time, they are really cute too! :) I never thought in a million years that I would marry a baseball player and someone that NEVER played football...I mean, Justin didn't even have football at his in the heck did they survive!? I will never know! But with Justin being a baseball player, he said he never cared if he had a boy that played football, he never cared if he even had a boy...he only hoped one day he would have a little girl! (Really, what grown male says they want a girl and do not care if they ever get a boy!?) But because of that, when I found out we were pg I WANTED a girl! For one, I cannot imagine life without my husband having his baby girl....for another, I cannot imagine life without a shopping partner! :) (God, please let her LOVE shopping!) When we talked about the sex of the baby with my parents, my mom always hoped it would be a boy, mainly because I said I never wanted girls and she was VERY afraid that I would never have another one if it were a girl. I will have another someday..or hopefully, but I may be praying again for that football player! But I know most of my family is probably praying that she isn't as sassy as I am! :) But I know they wouldn't have me any other way! ha!

(And just another side note: Justin and I were talking the other night about dads that grumble when they have to keep their it's a mother's only job...I told him I hoped we didn't have that problem! He assured me we wouldn't...that he couldn't wait to get an old topless Jeep and take her driving around...just him and her...while I was out doing whatever I wanted to do!! So, it is official...we are going to need EXTRA babysitters because I don't think I will EVER allow my daughter to just go cruising around in an old topless Jeep. I mean maybe when she is out of a carseat, but I really hope to go shopping or get my hair done or to the spa before she is out of a carseat! He must be crazy!)

Our Baby Girl - Relaxing

She is a Girl! She flipped around the entire time
They let us see her in 3D. Kinda cool...kinda scary! Video of the heartbeat...which was 158

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