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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slip-n-slide, Zoo, Water Park & Alans

Justin and I had Riley and Hannah a couple weekends ago, but I have been waiting for some additional pictures before I posted this. These are two of the best kids I have ever spent time with and for some reason, I always feel like my life in a little more complete when I have them. They are so funny, say the craziest things and provide 100% of the entertainment. We talked alot over this weekend about a new baby....Riley doesn't care what we name it as long as it is aboy. Hannah wants a durl (or a girl) and wants her name to be Sidney. Although I do like the name Sidney, I doubt that will ever be her name...if its a girl! Only a few more days and hopefully we will know boy...or durl!

Playing on the slip-n-slide at our house
Here is how the kids and I spend most Saturday one chair! Hannah, I and Berkley watched Dora and Riley played games on the iPhone.
Heading out to the zoo
Checking to see if their arms were as long as the eagle wings
Riding the train
At the Water Park splashing around
On Sunday, we went to Alan house to swim in the pool. The kids loved having their own pool to swim in. Hannah was ready to stay the night with Alan by the time we left.
Hannah jumping in the pool
Alan and Riley jumping in the deep end of the pool and learning to do can-openers

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