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Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day @ Tenkiller Lake

Justin and I spent Memorial Day Weekend at Tenkiller Lake with the Justice Family. Michael's parents live on Tenkiller Lake so the grandparents were able to keep the girls and allow the four of us to camp alone. Justin and I miss the Justice family so much and count down the days that they will be back in Oklahoma.
Kennedy & Brynlee getting ready for the lake

Shannan, the girls and I The Justice Family Justin and Shannan on the knee board Brynlee & KK helping Justin drive the boat Justin & I Shannan & I

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Show Us Where You Live...Guest Bedrooms

Kelly is doing a 'show us where you live Friday'. Every Friday she does a different room of the house and you can share pictures of where you live. I think this is one of the greatest ideas ever! I love to decorate, but I feel like I am constantly using one thing in every room. I have missed the last two weeks due to not feeling well, so I am jumping on board now! I have, however, been checking out everyone's homes. Go check out Kelly's site if you haven't. These girls can decorate!

Not long ago, I posted pictures of my guest bedroom that my mom and I just painted. I am still in love with the blue color. It turned out perfect! I am still looking for that perfect picture over the bed. I got the bedspread from Pennys and the pillow shams from Potty Barn.

And now onto the weeks that I missed...Below is my Entry Way. My Entry Way, Living Room and Kitchen all have textured walls with a stain. They were done by an interrior decorator and they are my favorite part of my house! Her sister also made my curtains. They are nothing I would have ever picked, but they totally make each room! This curtain on my front door is sheer. It is black with tan polka-dots. I found this table at an antique store and loved it!
And this is walking into my Living Room from my Entry Way. You can see my walls are textured and the ceiling is two different colors. The top of my ceiling is dark brown. I think it makes the room look really rich.
This is looking into the Living Room from the Dining Room. I found my picture at Penney's for $100. This was alot cheaper than finding it in Ballard Designs for $300 the first time I seen it. My pillows match my curtains from my Dining Room and Kitchen. They are floral on one side and yellow with red polka-dots on the other.
This is looking at the back of my living room standing at my fireplace. My Granny found the blocks on the red wall at a place in California. I wish I had alot more, but they are so hard to get.
And welcome to the Dining Room. This is looking from my Living Room.
And this is looking from the Dining Room into the Kitchen.
Here is a close-up of my curtains. I found this lamp at Hobby Lobby for $15.
I love the space above my cabinets.

Thanks for viewing our house! I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any ideas, please feel free to leave a comment and share!

Monday, May 04, 2009

A visit to Duncan

Justin and I went to Duncan this past weekend to visit my grandparents. Berkley went along for the ride and he enjoyed all of the attention from Granny and Grandad. It was a great visit and look forward to many more...I know Berk does!

Our Horsefly

Riley's had his 1st grade school program. It was all about insects and he was a horsefly. I am pretty sure he made the cutest horsefly EVER! We got alot of pictures but alot of them are dark. Turn up your volume and listen to his part. He did great!

and one cute pic of Uncle Justin & Hannah

Kelsey gets married!

Justin and I drove to Kansas to watch by baby cousin get married! Kelsey's dad is my Godfather so she has been a part of my life since she was born. I spent many summers staying and babysitting her and her 3 siblings. I love them all like they are my own! She looked so beautiful...and grown up!

My Uncle Gary, my Godfather with my cousin, Shelly with my cousins Tyler & Shawna

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