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Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend in Texas

Last weekend Justin and I drove to Dallas to see my cousin, James. He recently moved to Dallas from Minnesota. Friday night we went to a place called Chill. They had good music! And of course James always provides the pictures of that included! :)

Saturday night we went out to Texas Motor Speedway to catch up with some old friends. Let's just say the track provided more entertainment than on Friday! And again, no pictures of that entertainment!

Sunday we headed back to TMS for the NASCAR race. Incase you had no idea...I heart NASCAR. My fav driver is #17 Matt Kenseth. He did very well in the one point he lead. He ended up finishing 5th overall. We had an extra ticket so we invited Andrew Watsek whom James and I went to school with.
This is always one of my favorite pictures from a race. When presenting the flag of our coutry, it is usually silent!
And here is Kenseth...leading.
And here is Jeff Gordon winning :(

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