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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Painting, Decorating & a 1st Birthday

This past weekend seemed to be a weekend of projects! My mom arrived on Thursday and started painting my laundry room while I finished working. We have to go through our laundry room to get to our garage so it gets alot of use. The walls were white and needed some major help! It is amazing what a coat of paint can do!



Thursday evening while my mom was finishing up the second coat in the laundry room, I start painting our spare bedroom. I have been wanting to paint it blue for some time. Justin, however, wasn't exactly excited about the idea of a blue room. He still isn't too fond of our green office...but, he never questions anything I want to do in the house and gives me free reign to do as I long as he doesn't have to help, which I am totally okay with! :) My mom finished painting the first coat on Friday while I worked and then we finished the second coat after work. I LOVE how it turned out.

Before After Of course I had to add a picture of Berkley!

On Saturday mom and I went shopping. We needed to pick up a few things for the bedroom plus a curtain rod. I have been trying to think of new ideas for my bedroom. Justin had bought be some feathered sconces for Valentine's Day, but I hadn't found the perfect place for them...until now. I have also ALWAYS wanted a chandelier in my bedroom. I had no idea that Hobby Lobby even sold them, but I found it and couldn't wait to get it hung! I am so excited to finally have all of my house together!


Thanks for all of your help this weekend, mom. You have been a part of every paint project in this house, and I couldn't have done it without you. I love you.

On Sunday, I headed to Medford for a sweet girl's 1st birthday party. I cannot believe that Katelyn is already 1. She was so cute! Happy 1st Birthday Kate...we love you!

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