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Friday, March 13, 2009

Girls weekend in Kansas City + 1

So while Justin and Michael were in Texas having their yearly fishing adventure, Berkley and I drove to Kansas City to stay with Shannan, Kennedy, Brynlee and Ms Mazie. Berkley did great on the drive! I made him a bed in the passenger seat and he slept most of the way. Sometimes he would need a breath of fresh air...

Kennedy was very excited for the ALL girls weekend until she found out Berkley was a boy...after alot of convincing, she decided it was okay for Berkley to spend the weekend too! ha! Berkley and Mazie were again fast friends and spend the entire weekend wresting, playing tug-of-war with Brynlee's socks and very little sleep!

While the dogs were very content in playing with each, the rest of us girls had a GREAT weekend! I got in Wednesday night and planned to work from Shannan's house on Thursday, but due to some computer issues, I could not get connected. So I took the day off Thursday. Shannan and the girls were home so we spent the day playing, watching movies and taking naps! KK wanted to try on a dress I had so we took a cute picture!

Friday we made it to the mall for some shopping, manicures and pedicures. Saturday we went to another mall and got in some more shopping. We also squeezed in the marry-go-round for KK.

Saturday night we got a babysitter so we could head to dinner with just the two of us. It was no nice to catch up in person! After dinner we met some of Shannan's co-workers. I headed home on Sunday and was VERY sad to leave! Only 3 more years and they will be back in Oklahoma. I hate to wish-away an entire 3 years of my life, but it will be GREAT to have them back HOME!

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