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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I was previous tagged to write 25 ramdon things about myself:

1. I am completely in love with my husband! I met Justin when I least expected to meet anyone and cannot imagine my life without him.

2. I have the very best friends and family…EVER!

3. My brothers are two of the greatest people in this world. I am overly protective of them and their feelings.

4. I have a niece and nephew that I would die for…seriously!

5. My little Yorkie, Berkley, is like our first child. He runs our house and at times likes to be fed by hand…and I do it!

6. I over analyze everything and every situation…mostly in my head. You probably never know it…this also includes worrying if something I said just offended someone.

7. I have dreams every night. They are mostly very strange. The most reoccurring dream is about basketball and normally forgetting my jersey, shoes, warm-ups and not getting to play.

8. My parents are great people and would do anything for anyone.

9. I pick up my house everyday. If there is nothing to pick up, I clean the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms.

10. I love that my little brother has found his wife. I know she will take great care of him and she makes the best sis-in-law. She is definitely heaven sent.

11. I love Vanilla Diet Dr Peppers from Sonic and drink them daily.

12. I am obsessed with Kanye West but hardly listen to rap music. He intrigues me.

13. I love ALL sports and my competitive nature. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

14. I think about my cousin, Malisa, every day. I wish she were still here, but know she is in a much better place. I know she is my family's guardian angel.

15. I hope to have kids one day and be the best mother. I hope when I am playing with my kids and they make messes, I won't feel like I have to clean it up right then. I let my niece and nephew jump on the bed and splash each other in the tub….even if it makes a complete mess!

16. I love Mexican food and could eat it everyday.

17. I love my mom's small family and how special each person is to me….but I also love being a Kilian and our huge family. It is the best of both worlds! And the in-laws…I got pretty darn lucky!

18. I keep a list of kids names on a spreadsheet on my computer that I may want to use someday.

19. I love poetry and scriptures and the different feelings each can bring.

20. I love taking trips and keep a list of places I want to go…my greatest stories come from girl trips.

21. I love fashion and reading about it.

22. I am obsessed with the lake and go every weekend possible, even sometimes in the winter to a cabin. I get very irritated if I have to miss a weekend in the summer.

23. I wish I had enough money to fulfill all of my husbands dreams…even if I never got one thing.

24. I love technology….and glad it advances everyday.

25. I have a Goddaughter, which makes me feel like I should act more appropriate and adult-like….but more than anything, I am honored that someone trusts me with their child's life.

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