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Friday, February 27, 2009

Good and Bad

I have been very BAD with blogging, I thought it would be GOOD to share a post before the weekend! Justin and I have no major plans for the weekend, but if something arises, I will try to take some pictures! Justin and I are anxiously awaiting next weekend. I leave Wednesday for Kansas City to see my very best friend, Shannan and her girls! Justin and Shannan's husband, Michael, will be leaving on Thursday for Texas on a fishing adventure. I will be sure to share pictures from KC...but I know we will never see pictures of the boys from TX...and I am definitely okay with that! :) Have a great weekend!

My sweet husband and I And absolutely adorable Mr Berkley

Friday, February 13, 2009

A visit to Enid

This past weekend I went to Enid to see my friend Catherine. She is one of my closest high school friends and the mother of my Goddaughter, Katelyn. Kate is getting so big! She was alot of fun and is starting to walk. She will turn one in March. We ate lunch with some friends and then went shopping. I cannot believe how much Kate has changed. She is such a happy baby!

Baby Trevin has arrived!

Taran and G welcomed George Trevin Goff. He will go by Trevin. He is so tiny. He weighed 6lbs 14ozs.

Movin' on out...

One of my very first managers at EDS is moving to Malaysia to continue working for the company. Justin and I had dinner with him before he left.

Berkley Barkin'

Justin likes to get Berkley fired up by pretending that there is someone outside.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I was previous tagged to write 25 ramdon things about myself:

1. I am completely in love with my husband! I met Justin when I least expected to meet anyone and cannot imagine my life without him.

2. I have the very best friends and family…EVER!

3. My brothers are two of the greatest people in this world. I am overly protective of them and their feelings.

4. I have a niece and nephew that I would die for…seriously!

5. My little Yorkie, Berkley, is like our first child. He runs our house and at times likes to be fed by hand…and I do it!

6. I over analyze everything and every situation…mostly in my head. You probably never know it…this also includes worrying if something I said just offended someone.

7. I have dreams every night. They are mostly very strange. The most reoccurring dream is about basketball and normally forgetting my jersey, shoes, warm-ups and not getting to play.

8. My parents are great people and would do anything for anyone.

9. I pick up my house everyday. If there is nothing to pick up, I clean the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms.

10. I love that my little brother has found his wife. I know she will take great care of him and she makes the best sis-in-law. She is definitely heaven sent.

11. I love Vanilla Diet Dr Peppers from Sonic and drink them daily.

12. I am obsessed with Kanye West but hardly listen to rap music. He intrigues me.

13. I love ALL sports and my competitive nature. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

14. I think about my cousin, Malisa, every day. I wish she were still here, but know she is in a much better place. I know she is my family's guardian angel.

15. I hope to have kids one day and be the best mother. I hope when I am playing with my kids and they make messes, I won't feel like I have to clean it up right then. I let my niece and nephew jump on the bed and splash each other in the tub….even if it makes a complete mess!

16. I love Mexican food and could eat it everyday.

17. I love my mom's small family and how special each person is to me….but I also love being a Kilian and our huge family. It is the best of both worlds! And the in-laws…I got pretty darn lucky!

18. I keep a list of kids names on a spreadsheet on my computer that I may want to use someday.

19. I love poetry and scriptures and the different feelings each can bring.

20. I love taking trips and keep a list of places I want to go…my greatest stories come from girl trips.

21. I love fashion and reading about it.

22. I am obsessed with the lake and go every weekend possible, even sometimes in the winter to a cabin. I get very irritated if I have to miss a weekend in the summer.

23. I wish I had enough money to fulfill all of my husbands dreams…even if I never got one thing.

24. I love technology….and glad it advances everyday.

25. I have a Goddaughter, which makes me feel like I should act more appropriate and adult-like….but more than anything, I am honored that someone trusts me with their child's life.

Weekend Recap...

It seems like Justin and I did alot this weekend, although it felt very relaxed....and I never took one single picture! Friday night we went out to eat and then I tried to catch up on my DVR'd shows. Saturday I visited friends, we went shopping and then went to dinner with Justin' cousin. Sunday was the Superbowl. I was rooting for Big Ben and the Steelers to beat the Cardinals. And they did!
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