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Monday, January 26, 2009

Recap of 2008!

Since I didn't post too much in '08, I decided to recap the year. Looking back, 2008 was great! Justin and I did alot of fun things and spent alot of time with Riley and Hannah....but I will have to say the most memorable part of 2008, getting my first sister-in-law on my side of the family. Growing up without a sister makes you wonder what it is really like to HAVE to share with another girl. Sarah is a blessing to our family. I value the time Sarah and I have spent together. I would have loved her as a sister. She is very caring, honest and compassionate. She defintely fits into the family. BUT, I still cannot believe my baby brother is married!

I became a Godparent to Katelyn Marie Gann. I have always had alot of respect for my Godparents growing up...knowing that if anything ever happened with my family, they would be there for me. I hope one day Kate has the same respect for me as I do my Godparents.
Every year Justin and I try to plan plan a girls and guys trip. Of course, his is always fishing, which doesn't ever deliver pictures. This year, Shannan and I went to Dallas and attempted shopping. I say attempted because in 3 days I bought two things: a tank and a Dallas Cowboy hat.

As I said before, we got to spend alot of time with Riley and Hannah over 2008, mainly in the Summer so we can do fun things. Riley got to go camping and caught a fish. We also did a photo shoot with him at the park in Tulsa. Another weekend when Hannah was with us we went to Big Splash and the Zoo.

And then came Mr. B...or Berkley...or his registered name Captain Skeet Berkley Huskey. I have to say, as I have 100 times over, I never thought I would own an inside dog, but now, I cannot imagine my life without him. He has brought Justin and I so much joy. He can play tug-of-war for hours and will bark at you if you are sitting down and he wants to play. Everyday he starts doing something new, just like a kid, which makes us laugh!

And when Riley and Hannah came to meet him...

Justin and I met the Justice Family at Table Rock Lake.

We took Riley and Hannah to Medford. They love going to Steve and Deana's as they get EVERYTHING they want instead of some of what they want. We also took them to Enid to LEOs.

My best friend from high school and maid-of-honor in my wedding was married in Las Vegas in October. My friend Shannan went with me and it was one of the best trips ever! We got to do so many things and it was such a good time with a load of girls.

Around Christmas I always try to get Riley and Hannah and take them to look at toys for that one special one from Uncle Justin and Aunt Heather. We took them to see Santa this year and Riley had no intentions of going to talk to him. Riley made it known that the Santa's around here are just helpers and he mailed the real Santa a makes me sad! We also went to the park and took a few pictures.

Here are a few pictures from Christman this year. We had Christmas with Justin's family at our house. Christmas with my family at my brother Jake's house in OKC and my mom's side of the family's Christmas in Duncan at my grandparents. It is always great to be together.

A Christmas picture of Avery and Berkley

New Year's Eve was spent with my cousin Tyler and his wife, Shawna. We had such a great time!

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