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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shooting his target

Shooting his pop cans
Riley's 1st Daisey Buck Gun

Justin has a bird hunting trip in Medford on a Saturday. I am wanting Hannah and Riley for the do we Les into letting us take them to Medford. Leslie is so good to let us have the kids...although we didn't end up with Hannah...long story...
As we are leaving Tulsa to head to Medford, Justin decides he needs to stop by Academy for shells. As we pull in, Riley remembers we forgot his toy gun at our house. We tell him its okay, we can get another toy gun inside. Darn Academy for putting the toy guns and the BB guns on the same isle. There is no way Justin is going to pass up a BB gun for Riley when there is only a $2 difference. Riley is so excited after we explained that it was real that I was beginning to think Justin was going to let him try it out right there in the store!
When we got to Medford, Riley was so ready to get in bed since he knew we were going 'hunting' in the morning. The poor kid was even talking in his sleep about going hunting with Uncle Justin.
The next morning when Riley and I got up, Justin was already gone. I told Riley he had to go practice with the targets before he could hunt with the big guys. No issues there...he was ready. On the second try...he hit the bulls-eye. He was so excited! He is very good for a 5 year old!
I could tell stories for days about this weekend! I believe this was one of the greatest weekends I have ever had with Riley. The older he gets, the funnier he is! So here are just a few of the comments/conversations we had...

Riley: "I have a fishing pole and I am a fisherman. I have a gun and I am a hunter. And now, I am a champion at both!"
And after 2 hours of shooting targets and pop cans:
Riley: Where are the mens at?
Me: What mens?
Riley: You know Uncle Justin and those mens?
Me: Oh, they are over on another field pheasent hunting.
Riley: I think you better call and find out where they are. I think I could teach them a few things!

(The first night with his gun! He would have slept with it had we let him!)

(His first picture with his new gun. We took this picture several times so it would be perfect for Nana!)

This is a mean face!

Here is a video of Rilely and Hannah having a GREAT time at Aunt Heather & Uncle Justins...dancing on the coffee table none the less! They were too funny!

Kilian/Byford Christmas
Here are a few pics from Christmas. I haven't downloaded all of the pics from Christmas...having troubles with the hopefully I can do more later.

Basquez Christmas
A few pics from the Basquez Christmas! It was so fun with Santa this year. The kids were so good and LOVED him!

Pics together!
For those of you who have waited so long to see these, I apologize! :) I know it has been forever since I have posted anything! So enjoy...hopefully I will have time to make a few more posts.
Justin and I took these pics back in October. They were so much fun! Kelly Stocksen of Owasso took them. She does such a GREAT job! It did take ALOT of coaxing for Justin...but I know he is just as proud of them as I am!

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