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Monday, October 15, 2007

October - Birthdays/Concerts/Football
October is a great month for me...not only is football in full force, but it is also my birthday. This year was a great year and I got to spend it with alot of special people. On Friday, Justin and I went to see my favorite band, Cross Canadian Ragweed, play in Tulsa. Alan and Andrea met us there along with some of my other friends. On Saturday, James and Janelle came down from Minnesota. It was TUs Homecoming so we went tailgating and to the football game. On Monday, the ladies from work had lunch for me and that evening Justin's family brought over Pizza and we played with the kids.
Thanks to everyone for the gifts, food, and most of all...memories!

Pictures from the concert...

Pictures from the game...

Congrats to the Newlyweds!
Sarah's sister, Cody, married Chris this past summer. They were married in a private ceremony and then held a reception in Oklahoma City for friends and family. It was great to meet others from Sarah's family.
Chris and Cody will be deployed to Iraq in 2008. Please keep them and all other servering in your prayers.

Tulsa State Fair
And it is already fair time again! I feel like it was just months ago that Justin and I went to our first fair together. What an experience! It was in 2001, Justin and I had just begun dating. Me... having no idea that he was afraid of heights and him... not wanting to be a chicken and tell me he was a afraid of heights...I talked him into riding the Zingo or something that goes really high in the air. I remember him talking 100 mph and his knuckles were as white as paper as he held onto the seat...his sister Leslie was with us and I could see her down on the road talking on the phone. Later, I learned that she was calling her mother to tell her what Justin had done. I think they were all scared for his life...thank goodness they didn't kick me out of the family back then!
This year we took Riley and Hannah...and what another experience! Riley loved every ride, but wanted to play every game we passed. He threw darts and hit 4 in a row. He won a bear and won Hannah a flower. He also played a fishing game in which he caught 4 fish....along came another bear!
There were not many rides for poor Hannah. She kept getting put back on the merry-go-round to keep her occupied...although she didn't seem to mind.
They both stayed the night with us. Connect 4 was a big hit...just seeing who could fill up the rows the fasted. It was a good time. Hannah would get really excited for her bubba when he would beat Uncle Justin!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

in vegas
Justin and I had planned a trip to Vegas with our friends Shannan and Michael. Due to a death in their family, they were not able to make the trip. Justin and I made the best of it anyway. We really had a great time with just the two of us! Below are some of the things we did...
The gardens in the Bellagio...beautiful!

We stayed here in the Paris Las Vegas....we had a great view of the strip from our room

And Paris by night...We went up into the Eiffel Tower...gorgeous...(Note: Do not wear a dress 450 FT up when it is windy! :) )

One of my friends from high school now lives in Henderson, which is about 15 mins from the strip. Aimee and Josh drove over to hang out and catch up. It was so great to see Aimee again and finally meet Josh!

And a view of the strip

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