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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy new year - '07!

This New Year was brought in with Alan and Andrea in Tulsa. Always a great time!

Byford Christmas

The Byford Christmas, my mom's parents, was celebrated in Duncan. Everyone was able to make it this year and we had a wonderful time. Always alot of pictures and fun with Anna and Harvey! Even though it was the weekend after Christmas, Santa stopped by to make sure Anna and Harvey enjoyed their presents from him. They must be pretty special! Anna and Harvey received some cool cool...Jake and Sarah were trying to steal the fun! It was also a nice day where Anna and I were able to make it to the park.

Kilian/Huskey Christmas
This year's Christmas with the Kilian Family was celebrated in Medford. Just a few pics of the fun day. We had a great time playing Connect 4, eating, sleeping...just being lazy! The dogs made the trip, Avery Bella and Boomer. We even welcomed George into the family! :)

Jamison/Huskey/Pembrook Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Justin's mom and sister at our house this year. We had a great time opening presents, playing with the kids, and of course, eating! Thanks to Chef-Justin, the steak and potatoes were wonderful. Always a great Christmas dinner!! We were very sad that Mackenzie couldn't be with us.

Hannah's toys and a new car!

Riley opening his Smokey and the Bandit Race Track

Nana's new sweatshirt, I guess Justin was jealous!

Justin playing with Riley and Hannah

and a phone call from the big man himself....SANTA!

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