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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A new baby in the family...Welcome Harvey Dean

The Byford/Caffey-Zimmerman/Kilian-Huskey Family has a new addition. Harvey Dean was born September 1. He is so cute and we cannot wait to get to Kansas to see him. We sure miss all of you! We know Anna Grace is making such a good little momma. Anna - we are so sorry mommy and daddy put you in the Wildcats t-shirt. We will send you and brother something better ASAP!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Homecoming @ Medford

Justin and I were able to make it back to Medford for Homecoming weekend. Although, Justin's excuse was to get his deer stand ready for hunting season that starts next weekend, he couldn't wait to attend his first Medford Homecoming Parade. Heather's mom was in the Homecoming parade as the Grant County Court House employees rode through. Alot of our friends made it back to Medford as well. It was so great seeing everyone and getting to 'socialize'! Heather, Cat, Amanda, and Alea were really excited to attend the parade also!!

Our new blue beamer...

Due to Justin getting a new truck, that doesn't get great gas mileage, and the price of gas going up, we decided to buy a little car. Justin got a Chevy Z71 and a Chevy Cavalier. Two vehicles in two months, not bad J! It is a site to see to see him get in and out of this little Cavalier!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Graduation Celebration

We were able to meet up to celebrate Sharjeel's college graduation at Abuelos. Sharjeel's mom was able to join us as well. It was great to see all of you. Miss you!
Home for harvest

Everyone enjoys getting back for harvest, even though dad always puts us to work! Maybe we just try to find a reason to get together. Granny and Grandad were able to get back this summer.
Summer celebrations...

Due to wheat harvest, we are never able to get together with dad on his birthday, June 11. This summer was one of few. We all got together to have a drink at Alma's!
Summer days @ the Tulsa Zoo and Big Splash

Our cousin Taylor made it down from Kansas this summer. Heather's mom came down and we took Taylor and Riley to the Tulsa Zoo and to Big Splash. Riley was very sad to see Taylor go home!

Monday, September 19, 2005

We miss you, babies!

Our babies, Bradyn and Blake, in Kansas who we miss!

Riley Clay..Rockin' it out

Our Nephew, Riley. Cannot wait for the day he moves in with us! Right, Momma and Nana!?!
Fish stories of 2005

Here are Alan's and Justin's Fish from this year. You can see the size for yourself so their stories can quit growing....
Remodeling...Finally over!

We had our main bathroom remodeled this past month. It is finally completed! It looks great and made a huge difference. Here is a before and after picture.
Labor Day @ Skiatook Lake

We went to Skiatook Lake over Labor Day weekend and stayed in a Cabin. We had enough of getting rained on in the tent over the summer. If you need rain next summer, just have us go camping! My brother Jake and his girlfriend Sara were able to make the trip with us. As well as our normal tag alongs, Drew and Brandy!

Camping @ Greenleaf Lake

We were able to make it to camp at different lakes this summer in Oklahoma, other than Kaw or Okmulgee Lake. We went to Greenleaf Lake over by Braggs. It was very pretty over there. Too bad this was our first trip over the summer to get caught in a monsoon!!
Riley & Uncle Justin

Thought this was a very cute picture of Uncle Justin and Riley. Riley is only humoring Uncle Justin. He would rather be sitting with Aunt Heather!!
Camping @ the Illinois River

A few of our friends were able to make it to float the Illinois River this summer. We camped out by the river and made alot of memories! Although the boys never could find that horrible peeping sound in the middle of the night, they sure thought it was funny! And Cat, how nice were those people we found you with?!
Okay, guess we can show a little of what happend in Vegas...

The Kilian-Huskey family got together this past May for a trip to Vegas. We had a great time and cannot wait for our next family trip!
Picture time @ Granny and Grandads

At our Grandad's bday party...
My brother's, Alan and Jake. Justin and I and our nephew Riley.
Welcome...The Huskey's

Hello. It's Justin and Heather. Thought this was a great way to keep everyone posted on what is going on in our crazy lives. We are always running our parents, camping, the lake. Enjoy...
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