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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas with the Kilian's

This past weekend, we also had the Kilian Christmas. This is my dad's parents. The last picture is all my dad's brothers and sisters. With 12 kids, there ends up being alot of grandkids, as you can see. There were a few grandkids missing.

More pics...
Christmas with the Byford, Kilian/Huskey, Caffey/Zimmerman Families

Granny and Grandad with my cousins kids Anna and Harvey and my da...I mean Santa Clause. My mom and Aunt Becky with Santa too.

My cousin Michele, her husband Aaron, their babies Anna and Harvey. Justin and I with my brother Jake and his girlfriend Sarah, all with Anna and Harvey.

Justin and I

More pictures from Christmas...Hope everyone enjoyed their own!

Christmas with the Byford, Kilian/Huskey, Caffey/Zimmerman Families

This past weekend, we celebrated Christmas with my mom's parents. Granny, Grandad, Bill, Becky, Aaron, Michele, Anna, and Harvey made it to Oklahoma. After many Christmas songs from Anna, Santa made a visit. Anna did not set on Santa's lap the last time, but this time she hopped right up. Santa made a wonderful visit.

Another girls night out...

The boys were gone hunting again so we had another girls night out. Like I said before...They should be gone more often!
Playin' in the Snow!

This last week while I was off work, we received snow! Riley and I played in the snow for quite some time. We had snow ball fights, made snow angels, and even build a little Frosty. Have you ever tried to make a snowman with a 3 year old? We finally finished him after many snow balls in between!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway

Thanks to Alan, Mom, Dad, Justin and I got tickets to the Dickie's 500 NASCAR Race at Texas Motor Speedway. We had VIP tickets so it was great to do the extra stuff. We ate breakfast, received a Pit tour, ate lunch, and then got to do a Meet and Greet with Matt Kenseth. He is the driver of the DeWalt race car. He signed autographs and then I was fortunate enough to have my picture with him. He is a very nice guy. Hope to do it again sometime, huh, Alan!
Together for Alan's Birthday

Mom, Dad, and Jake drove to Tulsa to celebrate Alan's birthday. We went to eat and, of course, went to Bass Pro Shop. It was great being together. Alan's bday is not until today, the 8th, but he is on the road for business.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Our Turtle & Princess @ Halloween

Harvey Dean made an adorable turtle and Anna Grace made such a beautiful princess at Halloween. Wish we would have been there to Trick-or-Treat with you!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

New picture of our babies in KC. Bradyn, Blake, and Charlie look like they have had enough of pictures. But aren't they cute!
Happy Halloween!

On Halloween, Leslie and I took Riley downtown where the stores were passing out candy. Riley met up and has his picture taken with Buzz Light Year. While back at home and passing out candy, a few of our cousins stopped in. Fiona brought Ashlin and Sara and Chase brought Shea. We also had a wrestling match between Riley and Uncle Justin!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Riley Clay at the Petting Zoo

Leslie and I took Riley to a Halloween Party that had a petting zoo. After a little coaxing and getting the camera out, Riley wanted to touch some of the animals. He loved holding the leash of the Ferret, letting the monkey climb on this back, but most of all, touching a snake for the first time.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Boys @ the Kiamichi Mountains

The boys, Justin and Drew, went to the Kiamichi Mountains to camp and hunt along with some of Drew's family/friends. There was a deer and a wild hog shot. Well...then Drew's little friend! As you can see, they did not have the greatest living conditions. And without electricity, did not have many ways to cook food.

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